2017 12th Annual Fraud Summit



Join us for the 12th Annual Fraud Summit at The University of Texas at Dallas! The Workshops are 8 hours CPE each and the Conference is 8 hours CPE. Discounts are available for the workshops and/or the conference if you register by February 17th, 2017!

Thursday Workshops- 3/30/2017

Attendees choose one workshop: Price: Individual:  $350 per person ($275 discounted rate by February 17th), Group of 4 or more $250

Psychology of Fraud Workshop –Toby Groves

This workshop delves into the very latest research, busting myths and moving beyond outdated models to a deeper understanding and recognition of behaviors surrounding fraud. Attendees will take a deep look at individual thinking and group DNA, including the fascinating science behind how beliefs spread.  Learn why auditors sometimes misinterpret obvious clues, or even unintentionally support deceptive schemes.  This is a highly interactive, story based session that will unveil never heard before details and enhance attendees understanding of human behavior related to deception and fraud.

Learning Objectives:

  • Identify and understand concepts of critical thinking and apply them to professional judgment in auditing, accounting and governance situations.
  • Common symptoms / characteristics of fraud
  • Accountability for managers, finance, and audit professionals

No prerequisites required. 8 CPE offered.

Forensic Analytics and Employee Fraud – Mark Nigrini, PhD

This workshop is an opportunity to learn about Benford’s Law and other analytic techniques to detect and prevent employee and supplier misconduct using case studies and discussions. The workshop will include case studies related to using Benford’s Law, case studies related to analytics assignments undertaken by the instructor, case studies related to fraud cases studied by the instructor, and case studies published by the instructor.

The workshop will be valuable for internal auditors, fraud examiners, and investigators with a general day-to-day familiarity with obtaining and importing transactional data, and who would like to explore and exploit the potential of forensic analytics. The workshop would also be valuable to other accountants and investigators who are thinking of moving into the forensic and data interrogation field.

Learning Objectives

  • Recognize that fraud numbers are mixed together with valid and authentic numbers
  • Understand that fraudsters have a digital fingerprint that makes their numbers different from valid and authentic numbers
  • Design and select computer-assisted audit analytics to identify fraud and bribes, or to confirm the behavioral responses (people gaming the system) that are a result of fraud or other incentives.
  • Developing the ability to find FCPA violations in payments data.

No prerequisites required. 8 CPE offered.

Friday Conference-3/31/2017

Price through February 17th: $275 early registration discount per person. If four or more are registering from the same organization, the price drops to $250 per person! Price from February 18th to March 24th: $350 per person.

Keynote Speakers:

Toby Groves: A fraudster turned psychology researcher, Toby Groves brings a unique take on behavioral and financial forensics. His commentary and story have been featured on media outlets such as NPR, in numerous professional journals, and is studied by leading researchers and business schools around the world.

Mark Nigrini, PhD: Professor and author. In 2014 Nigrini published a Lawler award winning article in the Journal of Accountancy that was co-authored with Nathan Mueller, a fraudster, who at the time was incarcerated in a federal prison. His work has been featured in The Financial Times, New York Times, and The Wall Street Journal.

Angela Witzany: Chair, IIA Global Board. Angela joins Toby and Mark at the Fraud Summit to share her message that internal auditors must remain vigilant in a dynamic and complex business environment!

Registration discount period ends February 17th and space is limited!




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