The Dallas Chapter - March eNews

March 2008

The President’s Letter


Thanks to each of you who attended the February meeting – it was our annual Student Day and we had a great turnout! As you read through this edition of eNews, stop for a minute to review the list of new Chapter members - I am amazed at the number of new members this year! We have approximately 2,400 members today, which represents a 15% increase from the prior year. The Chapter’s primary goal is to serve its members so if you have any suggestions for new offerings, please feel free to contact me or another Officer.

If you have not yet signed up for the Fraud Summit on March 28th, make sure you do it today - less than 50 spots remain! Neil Weinberg, Senior Editor of Forbes magazine, and co-author of the book Stolen Without A Gun will talk about what he has learned about those that commit fraud while researching this book, as well as his main articles on corporate governance. In addition, each person attending the conference will receive a copy of the book!

Our next CIA recognition ceremony will be held on April 3rd during our monthly meeting. Each member that passed the exam in November will be receiving an invitation to the ceremony. Join us in honoring the newest additions to the CIA certification!

Also in April we will honor the volunteers! There are approximately 75 members who spend anywhere from an hour to eight hours each month supporting Chapter activities.

Mark your calendars now for the May meeting – this is not only the last meeting before we take a break for the Summer but it is also our joint meeting with the FW IIA chapter. We will meet at the Ballpark in Arlington on May 14th for lunch and an afternoon game. This is a great way to network, earn some CE, and engage in a little team building. Let’s go Rangers! Finally, in February the Nominating Committee announced its slate of Officer and Board of Governor nominations for 2008 – 2009. They are as follows:

Officers – serving one year terms

President – Jay Blanchard with Texas Instruments

1st Vice President – Tom Kiels with Builders First Source

2nd Vice President – Marc Winandy with McKesson

Treasurer – Abe Paul with Tatum LLC

Secretary – Holly Villanueva with JC Penney

Board of Governors – serving 3 year terms

Corinne Bryan - Internal Audit Director of Chase Paymentech Solutions.

Chris Desjardins – Director of Audit and Consulting Services at Essilor of America.

Randy Earley - Randy is Vice President of Internal Audit at Idearc Media Inc.

John Morgan - Partner with Deloitte & Touche.

David Shackelford - Director of Internal Audit at Fossil, Inc.

Vickie Tesmer - Director of Audit and Consulting Services with American Heart Association

In March you will have the opportunity to nominate other members to these positions. Then in April we will hold the elections. Thank you for your support of the Chapter – I look forward to seeing you at the March meeting!


Melinda Lokey
2007-2008 President - Dallas Chapter IIA

Next Meeting - Thursday, March February 6, 2008
Cityplace Conference Center

Fraud Day - Joint Meeting with the
Dallas Chapter of the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners

Lunch Meeting 12:00pm - 1:20pm
Registration begins at 11:30pm

Focus on Fraud Prevention

Alyssa G. Martin, CPA, Weaver and Tidwell

What happens when fraud is detected in an organization? The most direct cost of that fraud may be measured by the amount of assets stolen, or in the difference between actual financial performance and what was presented in misstated reports. Costs may extend to stockholders, current and retired employees, vendors, customers and others.

Business disruption accompanies fraud investigations, as do possible lawsuits and criminal charges. Although more difficult to quantify, the long-term losses of confidence and trust among all stakeholders may be the highest costs organizations face when exposing fraud. Recovering from those losses can take years, and sometimes the damage is so severe that recovery is not possible.

Fraud prevention efforts focus on keeping companies from having to confront any of those potential costs. Fraud prevention safeguards users of the financial statements (public) from earnings manipulation. It protects company funds and physical assets, and deters individuals from acting on impulses that spur data manipulation or theft. Fraud prevention serves the best interests of all stakeholders.

Alyssa G. Martin, CPA, is a Dallas Executive Partner of Weaver and Tidwell in Risk Advisory Services with 18 years of experience in public accounting as a service line partner over risk management, internal audit and IT audit services. Ms. Martin joined Weaver and Tidwell in 1998 through the merger with Hoffman, McBryde & Co., P.C. The practice has an emphasis in the areas of financial accounting, business management consulting, strategic planning, profit enhancement consulting and strategic planning. She also has experience in the private sector as a controller for a holding company which retained interest in multiple publicly-traded companies.

Ms. Martin has a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration/Accounting from the University of Texas at Dallas and a Masters of Business Administration with specialization in Taxation, University of Texas at Dallas. She is a member of Executive Advisory Committee of the Accounting and Information Management Area of the University of Texas at Dallas’ School of Management. She is on the TSCPA Today’s CPA Editorial Board, Board of Directors, and the Leadership Development and Membership committee.

Ms. Martin's Publications include:

  • Sarbanes-Oxley Section 404 Assessment: The Devil is in the Details, cover story, Today’s CPA, November/December 2004
  • Making SOX Work for Your Company is Just Good Business, Fort Worth Business Press, June 2004
  • How Section 404 Can Help Deter Fraud, Financial Executives International Magazine, May 2005
  • Get Spreadsheets Under Control, Internal Auditor Magazine, December 2005
  • Gauging Business Risk, Internal Auditor Magazine, June 2006
  • Mitigating Spreadsheet Risks - Sarbanes-Oxley 404 Compliance Calls for Careful Scrutiny, Today's CPA, September/October 2006

Pre-Meeting 10:30am

How to Treat the Office as a Crime Scene
Margie Reinhart, Forensic/Strategic Solutions, PC

You never expect one of the Company’s most trusted employees to embezzle, cook the books, participate in a kickback scheme, or be a part of any dozens of illegal activity. Unfortunately, the unexpected happens and suddenly your offices have become a crime scene. The actions taken may be the difference between whether or not any of the proceeds of the crime are recovered. The top ten considerations in dealing with this crime scene will be discussed by Margie Reinhart, shareholder at Forensic/Strategic Solutions, PC.

Margie Reinhart is a shareholder in Forensic/Strategic Solutions, PC, formerly Summerford Accountancy, PC. She specializes as a fraud consultant and forensic accountant with a breadth of experience in effectively handling forensic and dispute related matters. She works closely with law firms and corporate executives to serve as an expert in corporate financial disputes, risk management, internal audit special projects, litigations and investigations.

Ms. Reinhart has over eleven years’ experience with a Big Four professional services firm, practicing in both the United States and Canada. Her experience included serving as a firm leader, increasing auditor acumen in the area of fraud, including developing policy and guidance to evaluate antifraud programs and controls and leading the development of fraud detection training for over 10,000 auditors. She has spoken to numerous groups about the red flags of fraud, data mining for errors and abuse, antifraud programs and controls, fraud vulnerability assessments and financial and reporting abuse.

Post-Meeting 1:30pm

What to Expect When Your Company is being Investigated by the FBI
Alton Sizemore, Jr., CPA, CFE, Forensic/Strategic Solutions

The discussion will cover what you should know about how the FBI operates and what you should and should not do during an investigation of your company. The discussion will include the practical and legal aspects of criminal investigations including searches, seizures, interviews and discovery. The perspective for the discussion from a retired Agent will be what the FBI would want you to know and how they hope you will act if you find your company under investigation. It will also include what to expect if you don’t.

Alton Sizemore, Jr., CPA, CFE, is Director of Investigations at Forensic/Strategic Solutions, PC. Mr. Sizemore specializes in the areas of forensic accounting, fraud examination and litigation support. He works closely with plaintiff and defense attorneys, corporate boards, government inspectors general and governmental agencies. He has qualified as an expert witness in Federal court.

Retired from the Federal Bureau of Investigation with 25 years experience, Mr. Sizemore served as Assistant Special Agent in Charge of the Birmingham division of the FBI, managing programs for Counterterrorism, Foreign Counterintelligence, Cyber Crime, Public Corruption, Civil Rights, White Collar Crime, Violent Crimes/Major Offenders and Drug Fraud. His broad range of experience with the FBI includes criminal investigations in white-collar crime in many areas, including business, government, medical and banking.

Mr. Sizemore is faculty member of the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners and is a frequent guest speaker in the areas of fraud investigation and forensic accounting.

The $35 member price is for current Dallas IIA members only.  The only exception is when we have joint meetings with other organizations. We welcome members of other chapters and organizations.  However, if you are not a member of the Dallas Chapter, we request that you register as a non-member and pay the applicable fee.   If you are unsure of your chapter affiliation, please confirm The IIA’s records are current by logging into or calling The IIA’s customer service line at 1-407-937-1111.   Thank you for your understanding and support of our programs.

Map to CityPlace Conference CenterCityplace Confernce CenterThis meeting is being held at Cityplace Conference Center,
2711 North Haskell Street, Dallas, Texas 75204

                            CityPlace Conference Center

The DART light rail station at Cityplace serves both the RED and BLUE lines. Check for schedules, routes and fare information at

Preferred Method:

Place and confirm your reservation via the web site at


Jeri Baker

Meeting / Luncheon Fees:

Dallas IIA Members: $35
Non-Members: $45
Students: $25
Walk-ins/late registrations (members or non): $45

Reservations and cancellations must be received by 5:00 pm on Friday, February 29, 2008.

We reserve the right to bill for "no-shows."

We Now Accept Credit Cards - Online Only

We accept most major Credit Cards

The IIA Dallas Chapter, in conjunction with PayPal, will now accept payment online for the monthly luncheons. There is no change in the cost to you for the lunch. We accept VISA, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, or eCheck. Note that some corporate-issued cards are not accepted by PayPal. This service is only available online at the time the reservation is made. This can be used to pay for individual or group reservations. Follow the instructions on our web site. If you properly cancel a reservation before the meeting, the Chapter will either return the funds to you or reserve you for the next meeting. Any questions, contact Marc Winandy at

After you place your reservation online, you will see the link to pay via PayPal if desired.

Chapter News

Chapter Nominations for Officers and Board of Governors

The Nominations Committee met in January to determine the slate for officer positions and for the Board of Governors. The Elections Committee then announced the slate at the February meeting.

The nominees for Chapter Officers for 2008 to 2009 are:

Jay Blanchard (CPA) for President: Jay is Audit Manager for Texas Instruments. Jay currently serves as the 1st Vice President and has responsibility for the programs, seminars, facility arrangements, and certificates of education. He previously served as 2nd Vice President, Treasurer, and Secretary.

Tom Keils (CPA) for 1st Vice President: Tom is the Director of Internal Audit at Builders FirstSource. Tom currently serves as the 2nd Vice President and has responsibility for academic relations, research project, community service project, and certifications. He previously served as Treasurer and Secretary.

Marc Winandy (CIA, CPA) for 2nd Vice President: Marc is Audit Manager for McKesson Corporation. Marc currently serves as Vice President/Treasurer and has responsibility for financial statements, registration, socials, name badges, and employment committee. He previously co-chaired the programs committee and served several years on various other committees.

Abe Paul (CPA) for Vice President/Treasurer: Abe is Director at Tatum. Abe currently serves as Vice President/Secretary and has responsibility for membership, the website, communications, directory, and advertising. He previously co-chaired the programs committee and served several years on various other committees.

Holly Villanueva (CISA) for Vice President/Secretary: Holly is Audit Manager at JCPenney. Holly currently serves as the co-chair for the programs committee and has been instrumental in organizing and planning the chapter’s monthly meetings. She previously co-chaired the academic relations committee.

The nominees for the Board of Governors with terms from June 2008 through May 2011 are:

Corinne Bryan (CIA, CPA, CBA): Corinne is Internal Audit Director of Chase Paymentech Solutions. Corinne is a current member of the board, the district advisor for the southern region, chair of the chapter support sub-committee of CRCNA and responsible for the CAP (Chapter Achievement Program) reporting to the IIA. She previous served as district representative and president of the chapter.

Chris Desjardins (CPA): Chris is Director, Audit and Consulting Services at Essilor of America. Chris has been a member of the IIA for over 20 years and was instrumental in organizing the CAE roundtable for small audit shops.

Randy Earley (CIA, CISA): Randy is Vice President of Internal Audit at Idearc Media Inc. Randy has been a member of the IIA for over 20 years and is actively involved in several CAE roundtables. He previously chaired the newsletter committee.

John Morgan (CIA): John is a Partner with Deloitte & Touche. John has served in internal audit leadership roles for most of his career. He has been a volunteer on IIA international committees and previously served on the Board of Governors of the Raleigh North Carolina Chapter.

David Shackelford (CIA, CISA): David is Director of Internal Audit at Fossil, Inc. David is a current member of the board, a member of the IIA professional issues committee, and chair of the chapter’s designated funds committee. He previous served as the co-chair for the speakers committee for the SMART Conference.

Vickie Tesmer (CPA): Vickie is Director, Audit and Consulting Services with American Heart Association. Vickie has been a member of the chapter for 5 years. She currently serves on the board and is the audit committee chair of a local credit union.

Nominations from the floor, if any, shall be accepted at the March monthly meeting at which time nominations will be closed. Elections will be held at the April monthly meeting.

If you are interested in learning more about volunteering for the Dallas Chapter, please contact Pamela Krakosky at

IIA Research Foundation

The IIA Research Foundation is seeking research proposals to develop an Internal Audit Activity Risk Analysis Model that takes into account the significant variables that affect the success of internal audit in adequately covering the risks in an organization. If you are interested in submitting a proposal, please see the attached for more information and the proposal submission form.

Internal Audit Activity Risk Analysis Model RFP

Certification News - New Certifications

Mark your Calendars
Ceremony for Those Passing November 2007 Exam – APRIL 3!

A ceremony to honor the Dallas Chapter members who passed the November 2007 certification exams is scheduled to be held at the April 3, 2008 Dallas Chapter meeting. If you passed the November exam, you will receive an e-mail in March with further instructions. If you cannot attend the meeting, or have questions, please contact Toni Messer at or 972-883-2693 for assistance.

Mark Your Calendars!

The next Dallas Chapter CIA Review course will presented by Dr. Glen Sumners, will be held at UTD on September 4-7, 2008.

Computer-based Testing – Change in Date

The IIA is transitioning its certification programs to computer-based testing (CBT) beginning May 5, 2008. Registration will begin April 1, 2008. Check their Website in March for more details on the registration process. For more information on the transition to CBT, follow this link:

Building Social Rapport

In order to increase our program awareness, the IIA Student Chapter is working hard to reach out to all students at UTD. One of our goals this semester is to create a friendly and inviting atmosphere that students want to become a part of. Our Student Chapter weekly meetings are a great place to start, and we encourage all students to attend. This semester the Chapter is also joining an intramural softball league where our chapter members can represent the UTD IIA Student Chapter. Upcoming social events also include a camping trip and a community service project!

This month the advanced auditing class had the opportunity to visit the largest collection of internal auditing books located at the UTD Library. As part of the expansion of the UTD Internal Audit program the library received a donation of a special collection of internal auditing books from the Internal Auditing Academic Advancement Fund. The collection is the most extensive current collection of internal auditing related works maintained by a library. The collection consists of 190 books of which one is available for check out and the other will be available non-circulating in the library. Each student in the advanced auditing class checked out a book of their choice from the collection and is required to read and provide a review of the book. The Student Chapter hopes to use these reviews to educate and encourage students about internal auditing.

Our biggest issue continues to be the advocacy of the profession and educating students of the possible careers in internal audit. All of you can help in the issue by talking to as many students throughout the year and educating them on the perspective careers that start in internal audit.

To schedule a reception, site visit, interview or just peruse resumes contact Mark Salamasick at 972-883-4729 or The new Student Chapter Resume Database is available for viewing this month and the interview process has started. To view the updated resume database for this semester, please visit the Student Chapter Website at In order to access the resume postings however, a user id and password are required so please contact Mark Salamasick to obtain this information.

Please welcome our newest members:
October 2007 New Members
Roger Daw
Justin Pell
Nyamaah Anita
Kelley Evans
Jeff Siegrist
Forest Vaughn
Lloyd Lassahn
Leslie Mitchell
Jesse Romero
Patrick Skelton
Misty Stroder
Ruben Macias
Scott Perdue
Rami Yousef
Brandie Williams
November 2007 New Members
Angela Grisham
Calvin Webb
Eric Parssinen
Steven Riddiough
Alicia Thornton
Anthony Cecil
Laura Cummings
Jehri Lawson
Sally Luber
Colleen Daniels
James Roberts
Alejandra Duran
America Legaspy
Daniel Flamholtz
Jean Boswell
Lois Ford
Meredith Slocum
Iye Johnson
Cheryl Polvorosu
Paul Smith
Emily Evans
Cody McShan
Adam Shrimplin
Paul Dumond
Kim Lewis
Anne Forish
Thomas Stockdell
Jonathan Blum
Andrew Knight
Nan Jiang
Kevin Wilson
December 2007 New Members
John Pittman
Susan Sieker
Daniel Flamholtz
Janet Marr
Courtney Graves
Rebecca Luke
Gregory Higgins
Joana Achiampong
Jessica Woods
Amanda Clark
Connie Starr
Annie Furr
Jana Hitchcock
Steve Scotti
January 2008 New Members
Michael Faulk
Adam Bush
Myron Tate
Cynthia Nguyen
Jon Wise
Terry Smith
Lauren Jagers
Heather Thomas
Joseph Chen
Brandon Lobo
Eric Satz
Staci Janik
Roy Mak
Andrea McClellan
Zekarias Wondu
Mike Hill
Timothy Ho
Henry Nasamu
Renee Rasmussen
Elaine Threadgill
Mustaf Warsame
Kantha Motamarry
Zheyu Wang
Alex Casiano
Layne Campman
Kendall Stensell
Scott Toland
Seth Black
Gabriel Rodriguez
Thomas Rowley
Jing Xian Xi
Jerry Higgins
Terri Johnson
Linitta Lewis

Report Your Speaking and Writing

It's time again for the survey to determine which IIA Dallas Chapter members have submitted articles or spoken since February 1. Each speaking engagement on internal auditing that a Dallas Chapter member completes will earn the Chapter 1 credit per CPD hour. Each full article, Roundtable article, Fraud Finding, etc. submitted that meets basic editorial guidelines will earn 5 credits. For each full article published 20 credits are earned. Each internal audit related article published in any other trade or professional journal that is authored by a chapter member is 5 credits.

To report your writing and speaking go to and complete the provided form by March 15, 2008.


2008 Fraud Summit

                          North Texas ISACA                            Dallas Chapter ACFE            Dallas Chapter AGA

March 28, 2008

University of Texas at Dallas, School of Management

8 hours of CPE

Lunch and cocktail hour provided

Stolend Without a GunSpeakers include:

  • Neil Weinberg, Senior Editor Forbes magazine, and co-author of the book "Stolen Without A Gun" will talk about what he has learned about those that commit fraud while researching this book, as well as his man articles on corporate governance. In addition, each person attending the conference will receive a copy of the book!
  • Mark Loveless - Vernier Networks, on Emerging Issues in the Hacking World
  • Andy Bishop & Alan Hampton-IRS Criminal Investigations Division - Money Laundering in Charitable Organizations
  • Joe Hendrix-Director Global Investigations/Legal Affairs Office
  • Jenna Bond, US Postal Inspection Service - Identity Theft
Proceeds benefit the Endorsed Internal Audit Program at UTD

Register early...2007 Sold Out!


February 1-March 21st: $250 per Person

Register online now!

Career Opportunities

Are you currently in the job market either voluntarily or involuntarily? Let the Employment Committee help you. Send us your resume and we will include you in our resume database. We receive calls from recruiters and hiring managers for open positions and will forward your resume if there is a match. We get calls for staff to director levels, IT to finance, local to out of town. All inquiries will be handled confidentially.

If you have any questions, please contact Greg Dubis at 972-431-5946 or send him an e-mail at  We look forward to helping you.

Omni Hotels  (2/19/08)

No Job Description for a position can possibly include all duties that may be requested by guests or required by the hotel or corporate office. The objective of all positions is to effectively provide the services personally, or to immediately refer requests to the appropriate department manager. The following is a summary of the major responsibilities of the position

Internal Auditor

Job Description

Omni Hotels is seeking an Internal Auditor. This position requires extensive travel. Candidates can be based out of any area of the US with convenient access to any major airport.

Responsibilities include:

  • Examine the effectiveness of all levels of management in their stewardship of company resources and their compliance with established policies and procedures.
  • Recommend improvements in management controls designed to safeguard company resources.
  • Review procedures and records for their adequacy to accomplish intended objectives, and appraise policies and plans relating to the activity or function under audit.
  • Prepare detail reports on the results of audit examination, including recommendations for improvement upon conclusion of the audit.
  • Appraise the adequacy of the action taken by operating management to correct reported deficient conditions.
  • Assist operating management in identifying business strengths and improvement opportunities.
  • Prepare and give oral presentation of findings in an audit wrap-up meeting to the property, area controller and Director of Internal Audit.
  • Be flexible with audit schedule to be able to work around special needs of the property being audited.
  • Conduct special examinations at the request of management, including the reviews of representations made by persons outside the company.

Job Requirements - Qualified candidates will have held the position of Internal Auditor, Assistant Director of Finance or Director of Finance within the hospitality industry. Must have working knowledge of a balance sheet. Must be willing to travel up to 100%. Prefer candidates in the Dallas Metroplex but will consider someone living in close proximity to a major airport in other locations.

Please apply at:

Texas Capital Bank  (2/19/08)

Texas Capital Bank is a publicly traded commercial bank headquartered in Dallas that delivers highly personalized financial services to Texas-based businesses and private client individuals. The Bank currently has $4.3 billion in assets and has full service locations in Austin, Dallas, Fort Worth, Houston and San Antonio.

Come join the “Best Business Bank in Texas” as the Director of Internal Audit in our Dallas, Texas headquarters.

Director of Internal Audit

Responsible for designing, developing, managing and administering the Bank’s internal audit programs to ensure a high level of operational and financial compliance.


  • Serves as primary liaison between Audit Committee and any internally outsourced audit provider.
  • Ensures the periodic completion and continuing effectiveness of an internal risk assessment document to guide the scope and relative priorities of all internal audit work.
  • Coordinates the completion of a comprehensive internal audit plan and schedule consistent with the results of the Bank’s internal risk assessment.
  • Assists in the planning of specific audits as required, ensuring that all activities conform to established audit policies, procedures, laws and regulations.
  • Works with Executive Management and managers of various business units to coordinate responses and develop action plans, as necessary, to respond to deficiencies and/or recommendations included with the results of all internal audits.
  • Participates as a key member of all Committees designed to increase awareness of critical control issues.
  • Provides direct reports to the Audit Committee of the Board of Directors to ensure the establishment and maintenance of internal controls.
  • Schedules and manages internal compliance audits, directing specific audit assignments as requested.


  • Bachelor’s degree in Finance, Accounting or Business and a minimum of fifteen years audit or regulatory experience with at least five years in an audit managerial role.
  • Certified Public Accountant (CPA) designation.
  • Strong experience in banking or regulatory compliance with excellent knowledge of consumer and other banking regulations, legal and audit issues.
  • Ability to interact effectively with subordinate staff, executive management, the external audit firm, as well as regulatory agencies.
  • Effective communication (both verbal and written), negotiating and presentation skills.
  • Ability to readily identify needs and requirements, and establish plans and processes to ensure successful results.
  • Proficiency in the use of PC software tools for reports, audits, analysis and presentations.

For immediate consideration, please email resume to: 

For more information, please visit our website: 

Texas Capital Bank is an equal opportunity employer.

Credit Union of Texas  (2/7/08)

Credit Union of Texas

The Credit Union of Texas, a $1B credit union with 11 branch locations throughout the Dallas Metroplex has an opening for an Internal Auditor and a Staff Accountant.  Please note that all candidates must be in good credit standing if credit is established.  A credit check will be conducted on all candidates.

Internal Auditor Description/Requirements:  Performs independent assessments of the effectiveness of controls, accuracy of financial records, and efficiency of operations to ensure adherence to credit union policies and procedures.  They will create audit programs to ensure complete analysis of assigned areas and risk assessments.  Must have knowledge and the ability to apply the Standards of Professional Practice as set forth by the Institute of Internal Auditors.

To be considered the candidate must have a Bachelor’s degree from a four-year college or university in Accounting or similar area plus 2-3 years of related experience in auditing, preferably with a financial institution.  CIA, CISA, CFSA, CPA or other relevant certification is desirable.

Staff Accountant Description/Requirements:  The Staff Accountant will assist with the development of financial statements, various management reports, analysis, cash forecasting, budgeting, general ledger maintenance and reconciliation, and internal/external audits and examinations.  Their primary responsibility is to perform complex activities associated with the general ledger system including the sub-modules and departmental reporting requirements.

Candidates must have a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting or Finance from a four-year college or university with 3 years related experience and/or training.

To apply for the above position(s), please forward resumes to: or fax to 972.301.1930. 
We encourage you to visit our website at:
Please note that we are an equal employment opportunity employer.

Griffin Consulting Search Group  (1/18/08)

Griffin Consulting Search Group

Current or Recent
“Big 6” Managers, Senior Managers or Partners

Change your life, your career and the Accounting Profession.
Positions available immediately in Las Colinas, Atlanta, Chicago and Washington DC

CLIENT INFO: Rapidly growing, private-sector Corporation created to oversee the auditors of public companies in order to protect the interests of investors and further the public interest in the preparation of informative, fair and independent audit reports.

  • Make a difference to the accounting profession, to investors and to the public- No Sales or Billable Hours Quotas!
  • Professional environment that provides for and nurtures professional growth
  • Offers Benefits Competitive with Big 4 Firms
  • TRUE work/life balance - No working weekends! Low OT! Generous PTO Program! 25% Travel!

Inspections Specialist:
To $160K Base + Bonus


  • 8+ years experience of progressively responsible experience within “Big 6” Public Accounting Firm
  • Experience as Manager/Senior Manager in the audit of publicly traded companies;
  • Strong knowledge of GAAP and PCAOB standards
  • Currently licensed CPA
  • Additional experience within Industry working for Public Company a plus

Inspections Leader:
To $185K Base + Bonus


  • 8+ years exp of progressively responsible experience within “Big 6” Public Accounting Firm in the audit of publicly traded companies
  • Attainment of Audit Partner Level, with sign-off authority and lead interaction with client, executives and Audit Committee
  • Strong knowledge of GAAP and PCAOB standards
  • Currently Licensed CPA
  • Additional experience within Industry working for Public Company a plus

To view complete Job Descriptions please visit our website at
For immediate consideration please apply online or email resume to:

Griffin Consulting Search GroupIs an Independent Boutique Recruiting Firm that has specialized in the recruitment & placement of Accounting and Audit Professionals for over 10 years in the DFW area.

Weisman and Associates  (1/17/08)


Weisman and Associates, a national Accounts Payable Recovery Audit Company seeks experienced Accounts Payable and/or Sales & Use Tax Auditors in the Dallas/Fort Worth area.  Government experience is helpful.  No travel.  Degree and 15 years experience REQUIRED.

Weisman and Associates, Inc. is engaged in Recovery Audits with large private and public companies, as well as government entities. We provide complete Accounts Payable document review, disbursement auditing and recovery services in 21 major markets in the United States. Our services are performed on a contingency basis.

All of our Auditor / Consultants have a minimum of 15 years experience in accounting, auditing, purchasing, tax or financial areas of business prior to joining Weisman and Associates. Most carry certifications such as CPA, CIA and/or MBA.

The ideal candidate will be comfortable performing overpayment audits for major companies.  This is a Part-time to Full-time opportunity.  Retirees are welcome. This is a Commission-based position.  Excellent income potential. Email resume to:

For more information, visit our website at

Fossil  (1/11/08)


Job Title: Sr. Internal Auditor
Location: Dallas, Texas

Fossil is a design, development, marketing and distribution company that specializes in consumer products predicated on fashion and value. The Company's principal offerings include an extensive line of fashion watches sold under the Company's proprietary and licensed brands. The Company also offers complementary lines of small leather goods, belts, handbags, sunglasses, jewelry and apparel. The Company's products are sold in department stores and specialty retail stores in over 90 countries around the world, in addition to the Company's e-commerce website at Position Description: Fossil is searching for an Internal Auditor to join their growing team! This star candidate will assist in coordinating, tracking, and project managing as well as reporting on all global activities relating to compliance with Section 404 of the 2002 Sarbanes-Oxley Act. Candidate will help develop and execute test procedures to validate control design and operating effectiveness and will make recommendations and provide feedback to management on findings, focusing on strengthening internal controls, quality and efficiency. Other responsibilities will include working with management on special projects involving new products and process changes. If you are interested in this position, please go to the Fossil website at click on jobs@fossil and apply to job #1198112573.

Fossil is an Affirmative Action and Equal Employment Opportunity Employer.


  • Proficient in MS Word and Excel
  • Bachelors Degree in Accounting required plus 6-8 years previous internal audit work experience or including 2-5 years of project management experience and/or supervisory experience  

Additional Preferred Skills/Requirements: - SOX, Section 404 preferred - CIA or CISA preferred

We will be accepting applications/resumes for this position until 3/15/08. Only those who submit within this period will be considered applicants.

Comments, questions, suggestions?
Contact the

Dallas Chapter Institute of Internal Auditors
P. O. Box 261747, Plano, TX 75026-1747

The following links will take you to our web site,