eNews - September 2010

The President’s Letter

As the summer comes to a close and many of us prepare our children for school, the Dallas Chapter is also finalizing the plans for our educational programs. Our 2010-11 goals include offering 200+ hours of quality Continuing Professional Education opportunities:

  • Monthly Meetings (3 CPE hours at 9 meetings)
  • CAST (Core Audit Skills Track) as a pre-meeting alternative most months
  • SMART Seminar Series (so far, we have three in the works)
  • CIA Review Courses in both the Fall and Spring
  • Annual Fraud Summit supporting the Internal Audit Education Program at UTD in March
  • Members-Only Almost Free Seminar in June

Thanks to everyone who responded to the member survey. Since our members work in a wide variety of industries and have different responsibilities within their organizations, your answers help us deliver timely and relevant topics.

I am excited about the theme for the September meeting. Professional organizations offer a lot of technical accounting, audit methodology and soft skills training. This month we are going to learn about ourselves and what makes us work well (or not so well) with each other. Our pre-meeting will feature Sherri Elliot-Yeary, the author of “Ties to Tattoos,” who will discuss attracting, motivating and retaining employees in different generations. Charity Prentice, the VP of Educational Programs at The IIA, will present at lunch and the post-meeting on generational differences in the workplace and the different values and motivators. With four generations currently in the workforce (and an additional generation on each side in my personal life), I look forward to understanding and improving my relationships with audit teams, management, audit clients, colleagues at the IIA – even friends and family! I encourage you to invite others in your organization as the benefits of the September program are not limited to auditors!

In an effort to support our members who have been displaced in the current economy, we are again offering five complimentary registrations to the monthly meeting. In order to receive the discounted registration, you must be a current member of the Dallas Chapter, be actively looking for employment due to a job loss, and volunteer at the meeting in an assigned capacity (registration tables, welcome committee, etc.) Please send an email directly to reservations@dallasiia.org with your name, member number and requested volunteer position for this meeting. Registrations will be filled on a first come first serve basis and only upon confirmation from the Reservations Chair.

Marc Winandy
2010/11 President – Dallas IIA

Next Meeting - Thursday, September 2, 2010
Cityplace Conference Center

Multi-generational Workplace

Meeting 12:00pm - 1:30pm
Registration begins at 11:30pm

Generational Diversity: Bridging a Divided Workplace
Charity Prentice, Vice President of Educational Programs, IIA

Objectives:  This session will provide a forum for participants to discuss and share approaches to:

  • Identify four generations in the workplace, and define them by experience and events
  • Compare and contrast the values of each generation
  • Consider and identify potential problems for an organization when people from different generations fail to communicate effectively
  • Strategies for cross-generational communication

This is the first time in history that we have four different generations in the workplace. At work generational differences impact everything from recruiting and managing to motivating and retaining. This session will help you understand the characteristics, attitudes and values of each generation and how you can learn to effectively use that knowledge to hire, motivate and most importantly improve communication.

Charity Prentice is Vice President of Educational Programs for The Institute of Internal Auditors. She is responsible for management of all aspects of training including conferences, public seminars, virtual seminars, webinars, and on-site training; and oversees the sales team that sells partnerships, exhibit, sponsorship, and advertising opportunities. She was the project champion on The IIA’s most global research study to date, The Common Body of Knowledge Study 2006.

She has successfully represented The IIA as a highly rated speaker at numerous international and national events including SOPAC, Malaysian National Conference, Scottish District Society, Association of College and University Auditors Midyear Conference, American Accounting Association Annual Conference, Louisiana State University academic event, Audit Leadership Forum, Risk and Control Conference, All Star Conference, numerous IIA Chapter events and is a guest lecturer at The Crummer Graduate School of Business. She also holds the distinction of being an IIA Distinguished Faculty Member through her many hours of instructing IIA courses.

Prior to joining The IIA, she was a Director of Regional Operations for U.S. Diagnostic, a provider of outpatient diagnostic radiology services throughout the United States. She was responsible for all operations in the Central Florida area.

She is a member of the Central Florida Chapter of The IIA.

1 Hour Continuing Education

Pre-meeting/CAST Meeting 10:30am - 11:30am
Registration begins at 10:00am

Collaboration Vs Collision - The Four Generation Workplace
Sherri Elliott-Yeary, CEO of Gen InsYght

Objectives:  Today’s workforce comes with very different expectations and values. How they are rewarded, use technology, communicate and see education and advancement are quite different. Say “hello” to the new American workforce. For the first time in history, communicating with employee’s means reaching out to four distinct generations – Traditionalists, Boomers, Xers and Millennials. Each group has different values, different experiences and different expectations. Needless to say, the rules of recruitment and retention haven’t just changed; they’ve been thrown out altogether.

This session will provide a forum for participants to discuss and share approaches to:

  • Why the entrance of the Millennial generation into today’s workforce has changed the game
  • How to build an effective generational blend for maximum competitive advantage
  • How to identify and manage conflicts born out of generational gaps
  • How to recruit, retain, and motivate the best talent from each generation
  • How to craft a branding message that speaks across the generational divide to attract top talent and make them want to stay.

This insightful and often humorous look at generational differences and their impact on corporate structures provides an effective framework for turning potential pitfalls and liabilities into a true competitive advantage. The time you spend with the “Generational Guru” is a “can’t-miss” event for everyone who is anxious to get a leg up on the competition.

Sherri Elliott-Yeary, author of Ties to Tattoos and CEO of Gen InsYght, talks about how the game has changed and reveals what you need to know to sustain a competitive advantage in today’s marketplace. Sherri explains how each generation brings a unique perspective to communication, respect, feedback, and management style. Drawing value from these perspectives is no easy task, but is nonetheless achievable by creating flexible and often outside-the-box programs that allow each generation to contribute to company objectives in ways that make sense to them.

Mrs. Elliott-Yeary is extensively involved in her community, where she serves on the board of the Methodist Regional Medical Foundation; Build the Bridge Cancer Foundation, Staffing Management Association and the North Dallas Chamber of Commerce. She is also a member of CEO Netweavers and is an active mentor in the community. Her mission is to reach out and help others in the HR profession. Sherri has spent considerable time conducting research, writing articles, and making presentations, in addition to mentoring tomorrow’s HR stars one-on-one.

1 Hour Continuing Education

Post-Meeting 1:30pm - 2:30pm

Generational Diversity: Bridging a Divided Workplace, continued

Objectives:  See above.  Charity Prentice will also speak at the post lunch meeting which will be a continuation of the lunch program.

1 Hour Continuing Education

Online Registration Requirements

Last year, the Dallas Chapter made a change to the CPE process.  After attending an IIA meeting, an online evaluation is distributed via email.  When you click the link to the online evaluation, you can immediately prepare and print your CE certificate for that specific meeting.  We had an overwhelming positive response to this process improvement, and want to keep making improvements such as this to streamline our processes.

The Dallas Chapter now requires payment prior to confirming your registration.  Almost 90% of our attendees already pay through PayPal, so this is not a change for them.  If you need to pay by check, your check must be received prior to the meeting (see details below).  Our goal is to reduce the wait time at the check in tables, improve controls, and ease the reconciliation process on the back end.

As a friendly reminder and to provide clarification for our new members:

  • Registration cutoff is 5:00 pm CST on the Friday before the meeting (unless otherwise noted).
  • Payment must be received by the Friday before the meeting (unless otherwise noted).  Your registration is not confirmed until paid.  We strongly encourage you to pay via PayPal to confirm your registration.  If you are mailing a check, the envelope must be post marked 8 days prior to the meeting (i.e., on Wednesday the week prior to the Thursday meeting) to ensure we receive your payment on time.  If the envelope is not post marked within the required timeframe and is received late, you will be notified by email that a) the meeting is sold out or b) an additional $10 late fee per person will be assessed.  Only registrations paid by PayPal will be accepted on Thursday and Friday prior to the meeting.
  • If you miss the deadline to register and space is available, you can attend the meeting as a walk-in.  Before coming to the meeting, please check the website to see if we are accepting walk-ins since our meetings tend to sell out.
  • The deadline to cancel your registration is 5:00 pm CST on the Friday before the meeting (unless otherwise noted) to receive a refund.  If you do not cancel by the deadline, you may send a substitute in your place after notifying reservations@dallasiia.org.  The substitute will be required to pay an additional $10 if they are not a member of the Dallas Chapter.
  • All walk-ins will need to register at a separate table before the start of the meeting.  The walk-ins will be required to complete an on-site registration form which will include name, company name, address, and email address and can pay with cash or check made payable to the Dallas Chapter of The IIA for the applicable amount.

Registration: Place and confirm your reservation via the web site at http://www.dallasiia.org/Reserve_0910.htm.

The following are the current rates for our monthly meetings:

May 2015 Social Meeting Prices:

  • Dallas IIA Member $55
  • Other IIA Member or Non-member $65

NO WALK-INs will be allowed. Price includes up to 2 CPE and game ticket; there is no prorated price for attending just one of the meeting day sessions.

We will keep you posted as we continue to make improvements.  If you have any suggestions, please feel free to contact any of the officers of the Dallas Chapter.  Thanks for your cooperation!

Meeting Location:

Cityplace Conference Center,
2711 North Haskell Street, Dallas, Texas 75204

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Preferred Method:

Place and confirm your reservation via the web site at http://www.dallasiia.org/Reserve_0910.htm.

Pamela Krakosky

May 2015 Social Meeting Prices:

  • Dallas IIA Member $55
  • Other IIA Member or Non-member $65

NO WALK-INs will be allowed. Price includes up to 2 CPE and game ticket; there is no prorated price for attending just one of the meeting day sessions.

Reservations & Payment must be received by 5:00 PM on Friday, August 27, 2010.

We Now Accept Credit Cards - Online Only

We accept most major Credit Cards

The IIA Dallas Chapter, in conjunction with PayPal, will now accept payment online for the monthly luncheons.  There is no change in the cost to you for the lunch.  We accept VISA, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, or eCheck.  Note that some corporate-issued cards are not accepted by PayPal.  This service is only available online at the time the reservation is made.  This can be used to pay for individual or group reservations.  Follow the instructions on our web site.  If you properly cancel a reservation before the meeting, the Chapter will either return the funds to you or reserve you for the next meeting. Any questions, contact the Registration Chair at reservations@dallasiia.org.

After you place your reservation online, you will see the link to pay via PayPal if desired.

Chapter News

CIA Programs

CIA Review Course

The Fall Review Course, led by Dr. Glen Sumners, will be held September 24-27, 2010 at the UTD School of Management. The Spring Review Course will be held April 8-11, 2011. For registration information on the September course, please see the website at http://dallasiia.org/Certifications.htm.

Congratulations to New CIAs, CCSAs, and CFSA

Dallas Chapter Members completing their examination requirements in January, February, or March of 2010 were honored on at the August 5th Dallas Chapter Luncheon. Congratulations to the following:

Certified Internal Auditor® (CIA®)
Charles King - Recipient of Honor

Tommy Armstrong
Lauren Bessire
Leon Curtis Chen
Jacob Combo
Anne Forish
Alexander Guerra
Edward Hill
Scott Jones
Gary Ledbetter
Walter Lowe
Patrick McKinney
Katie McMahon
Hoa Thi Thanh Nguyen
Diane Nordyke
Kristina Paulson
Thomas Stockdell
Alex Torockov
Brandy Yates
Certification in Control Self-Assessment® (CCSA®)
Rachid Abdallaoui Andrew Knight James Lehman
Certified Financial Services Auditor® (CFSA®)
Kelleyton Wilson    

Frequently Asked Questions

Q:      I haven’t received my certificate yet – where is it?

A:       The IIA sends out certificates to a Dallas Chapter representative each quarter. Those passing the exam between April and June of 2010 should be received by August 2010. A ceremony honoring those recipients is tentatively planned for October 2010. 

If you do not receive your certificate by September 2009, contact the IIA’s certification department:  certification@theiia.org, or call (407)937-1100.

Q:      How do I register for the exam?

A:       For more information, please visit the IIA’s website at: https://i7lp.integral7.com/durango/do/login?ownername=iia&channel=iia&basechannel=integral7

Extending the Application Waiver Campaign through August 31, 2010

The IIA Global Headquarters is extending the July application waiver campaign through August of 2010. What an honor it would be to have the 100,000 CIA awarded to someone in our Chapter.  The IIA Certification Department at IIA Global Headquarters would like to encourage you to join in on the race to the 100,000 CIA candidate marketing promotion.  We are fast approaching the 100,000 CIA certificate to be awarded and will celebrate with a special certificate presentation at an upcoming event of the candidate’s choice. We will also recognize the North American chapter associated with the 100,000th CIA with a special presentation.

For this promotion, we are waiving the application fee for all candidates who apply during the month of AUGUST 2010. We would like for you to consider whether your Chapter would wish to reach out to your potential candidates and offer a FREE application fee waiver for AUGUST as well. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Kristi Coombs, Manager, Quality Analysis & Certification, directly at Kristi.coombs@theiia.org.

IIA Research Foundation

For those in the public sector, the Research Foundation has issued a book entitled Internal Audit Capability Model (IA-CM) for the Public Sector. This book is a framework that identifies the fundamentals needed for effective internal auditing in government and the broader public sector. It illustrates the levels and stages through which an internal audit (IA) activity can evolve as it defines, implements, measures, controls, and improves its processes and practices.

The model is intended for self-assessment, capacity building, and advocacy. Its primary users are expected to be internal audit professionals together with the profession’s principal stakeholders (e.g., senior management, audit committee members, governing bodies, and external auditors). This research report comprises two sections — an Overview of the IA-CM and an Application Guide:

  • The Overview provides background on the research project itself, some environmental and contextual information about internal auditing, and a description of the model, including its underlying principles and structure. A selected bibliography is also provided.
  • The Application Guide describes the IA-CM in detail — its elements, levels, key process areas, and how to use and interpret the model. Some evolving and best-practice examples of IA activities identified during the global validation of the IA-CM are highlighted along with guidance to help use the IA-CM as a self-assessment tool.

The model is not intended to be prescriptive in terms of how a process should be carried out, but rather what should be done. It is intended as a universal model with comparability around principles, practices, and processes that can be applied globally to improve the effectiveness of internal auditing.

The book can be ordered online at http://www.theiia.org/bookstore/product/internal-audit-capability-model-iacm-for-the-public-sector-1422.cfm (Item number 5007, IIA member price - $40, non member price - $60)

Seven Practice Advisories on Performance Standards Issued

The IIA has issued seven practice advisories on performance standards. These practice advisories provide guidance in many subject areas, including the use of analytical procedures, access to records, reporting to the board and auditor communications. They supplement content in The IIA’s authoritative guidance to further enhance the IPPF which was issued in January 2009. For more information, click http://www.theiia.org/guidance/standards-and-guidance/.

A New Year Begins for the UTD Internal Auditing Education Partnership (IAEP) Program

We would like to extend greetings from the University of Texas at Dallas and the IAEP Audit Program and provide you with a brief update on the status and activities of our organization. Our program is beginning its’ 8th year of existence and we have experienced tremendous growth, beginning with a handful of students in our very first class, to a student chapter that now has over 100 members. Our success is due to the partnerships and support that we have received from the IIA International, the Dallas Chapter and various local companies. We anticipate that our program will continue to experience growth as more and more students become of aware of the career opportunities available in Internal Auditing.

We are experiencing a number of changes including a whole new class of Teaching Assistants and new officers for our student chapter organization. Our outgoing Teaching Assistants were a valuable piece of our program and thanks to their hard work, they have secured positions at such organizations as Microsoft, Weaver, JC Penney, and Southwest Airlines. We wish them the best of luck and we know they will be an asset to the field of Internal Audit and our Society. We will also be taking a group of students to Orlando in October for the annual IAEP Leadership and Networking Retreat. This is our fourth year to participate in this program and the students find it exciting and educational. Over 125 students, practitioners and educators will be in attendance for the event from around the world. The Retreat typically brings together 29 different schools with students participating in the IAEP program at their respective schools. The conference offers students and educators an opportunity to learn about other IAEP programs. In the past, students were able to work with practitioners in team case studies and present their results to a panel of judges. This is a tremendous opportunity for our students to interact with individuals around the world and see the different leadership and team work styles.

In the spring of 2010, our students were able to participate in another exciting learning opportunity. The local IRS office along with their criminal investigators, partnered with our IAEP program to bring the “Adrian Project” to the campus at UTD. This is a program developed by the IRS to allow students an insider’s look into a day in the life of a criminal field investigator. During the day, the IRS creates scenarios based on past real life cases and they allow the students to pursue tax cheats with the help of an experienced field agent. Our students and faculty both participated in the project and had a lot of fun.

Last spring also saw one of our most successful Fraud Conferences to date. We expanded the fraud conference to a two day event, with workshops on Thursday and the large presentations on Friday. The reviews for the event were excellent and we are already looking forward to our next Fraud Conference on March 24th and 25th, 2011. Both events run all day, so make sure to block the time on your calendar and do not forget to register early.

In conclusion, we would like to thank the IIA International, the Dallas Chapter and many of the area’s best companies for their continued support of our program, it is only through your efforts, that we are able to maintain our success and provide our students with the opportunities to pursue a career within our discipline.

If you are interested in recruiting on campus or assisting the program in any way, please contact Mark Salamasick at 972-883-4729 or mark.salamasick@utdallas.edu. We are always looking for additional site tours and always welcome sponsors for our Wednesday receptions. There are a number of students still available for full time and internship opportunities, and a website is available with student resumes at www.utdallas.edu/orgs/iia. Contact Mark Salamasick for password access to the resumes.

Membership Updates

New Ways to Network

The Dallas IIA launched a Facebook and Linkedin group.  Brought to you by the membership committee, these tools will allow you another avenue to grow your online network, communicate with other Dallas IIA members, and stay on top of current chapter events.  Linkedin is geared to professional networking; Facebook is used for both professional and social networking


  • If you already have a profile at either one of these websites, you can join the Dallas IIA group by searching for it.
  • If you don’t have a profile but would like to set one up, visit www.linkedin.com and / or www.facebook.com and follow the instructions.
  • If you have questions contact membership@dallasiia.org

The Dallas IIA Chapter would like to extend a warm welcome to our new members who joined the Chapter in July 2010:

July 2010 New Members
Kathrine Foo
Adam Steed
Chase Duncan
Robert Bintliff
Mary Anderson
Sunita Pratti
Jason Weddel
Patricia Harris
Emily Hansen
George Cvitanovic
Brett Thames
Karen Black

As a member of The IIA, you already know the value you receive, and now we’re giving you an incentive to tell your friends and colleagues about it!

With the new, year-round Recruit-a-Colleague membership program from The IIA, the more friends and colleagues you recruit to become members, the more chances you have to win free training and professional development! For complete program details, visit www.theiia.org/Recruit.

Report Your Speaking and Writing

It's time again for the survey to determine which IIA Dallas Chapter members have submitted articles or spoken since July 1, 2010. Each speaking engagement on internal auditing that a Dallas Chapter member completes will earn the Chapter 1 credit per CPD hour. Each full article, Roundtable article, Fraud Finding, etc. submitted that meets basic editorial guidelines will earn 5 credits. For each full article published 20 credits are earned. Each internal audit related article published in any other trade or professional journal that is authored by a chapter member is 5 credits.

To report your writing and speaking go to http://dallasiia.org/Speaking.htm and complete the provided form by August 15, 2010.

Employment Opportunities

North Texas Tollway Authority  (8/6/10)

Asst. Director Internal Audit

Position listing will only be open 8/5/2010 9:24:00 AM - 8/19/2010 5:00:00 PM

The purpose of the position is to manage assigned staff and assist in providing recommendations that improve internal controls, add value and/or create greater efficiencies with respect to operations, compliance, reporting, etc.  This position is responsible for evaluating and rating assigned staff.  Employees in this classification are responsible for managing and participating in audits that are completed in accordance with the annual audit work plan and IIA standards.  This position is responsible for reviewing audit work including reports and planning, coordinating, and executing activities that support the overall audit function.  Establish effective audit policies and procedures, handle multiple priorities, and organize and complete projects and special requests as assigned.

  1. Assists with the supervision and review of the work performed by the internal audit staff and consultants, and identifies areas of improvement.
  2. Day to day responsibility, mentoring, and management of staff performing internal audits.
  3. Advises management on appropriate systems controls and other account and operational matters.
  4. Maintain confidentiality of all information obtained during the execution of job responsibilities.
  5. Keep abreast of all relevant pronouncements, changes, etc., and evaluate their impact or potential impact on the Authority.
  6. Perform all other tasks and special projects as requested by Director and/or Executive Management.
  7. Assists with the development of the department budget related to assigned staff.
Formal Education Work requires specialized knowledge in a professional or technical field.  Work requires professional level of knowledge of a discipline equivalent to that which is acquired in a Masters degree-level of study, P.E., Law Degree, CPA
Experience Over nine years experience.
Supervision Work requires supervising and monitoring performance for a regular group of employees or department including providing input on hiring/disciplinary actions and work objectives/effectiveness, performance evaluations, and realigning work as needed.  A first line supervisor typically performs these functions
Human Collaboration Skills Recommendations regarding policy development and implementation are made and/or recommended.  Evaluates customer satisfaction, develops cooperative associations and utilizes resources to continuously improve customer satisfaction.
Freedom to Act Receives Limited Direction: The employee normally performs the duty assignment according to his or her own judgment, requesting supervisory assistance only when necessary.  The assignment may be reviewed upon completion.  Performance is reviewed periodically.
Technical Skills Work requires advanced skills and knowledge in approaches and systems, which affect the design and implementation of major programs and/or processes organization-wide.  Independent judgment and decision-making abilities are necessary to apply technical skills effectively
Budget Responsibility Oversees budget preparation of a division/section budget.  Has responsibility for approval of final documents sent to the Department Head and/or supervisor.  Reviews and approves expenditures of significant budgeted funds for the division/section. Monitors budget performance and recommends timely adjustments to budget as needed.
Reading Advanced - Ability to read literature, books, reviews, scientific or technical journals, abstracts, financial reports, and/or legal documents.  Ordinarily, such education is obtained in at the college level or above. However, it may be obtained from experience and self-study
Math Advanced – Ability to apply fundamental concepts of theories, work with advanced mathematical operations methods, and functions of real and complex variables.  Ordinarily, such education is obtained in at the college level or above. However, it may be obtained from experience and self-study
Writing Advanced - Ability to write editorials, journals, speeches, manuals, or critiques.  Ordinarily, such education is obtained in at the college level or above. However, it may be obtained from experience and self-study
Certification & Other Requirements Valid driver's license

Knowledge of and compliance with the International Standards for the Professional Practice of Internal Auditing, along with excellent technical and comprehensive abilities.

Detail oriented.

Intermediate to advanced computer skills including: knowledge of Excel and other spreadsheet programs, and the ability to quickly assimilate knowledge of Authority’s computer systems used into the development of audit practices and procedures.

Ability to prioritize and meet deadlines.

Ability to exercise sound judgment and make independent decisions in accordance with established policies and procedures, as well as exercise discretion in matters of a sensitive and confidential nature.

Ability to apply analytical and interpretive skills to problem solving.

Interpersonal skills to communicate clearly and concisely, both orally and in writing.  Additionally, ability to identify items of a sensitive nature.

Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with those contacted in the course of work.

Professional customer service and leadership skills.

Self-motivated, ability to work independently.

Excellent follow-up and follow-through skills.

Excellent verbal and written communication skills.

Team player who views his/her role as “value added” while improving overall operations.

Strong project management, government accounting/analysis, or fund accounting experience a plus.

Requires current certification applicable to job (i.e. CIA, CPA, PMI, CMA, etc.)

Preference given to individuals having IT audit experience


All are consistent with a typical Internal Audit environment.  See the detailed Job Order for more information.

Candidates should visit the website to apply: http://www.ntta.org/AboutUs/Jobs/CurrentOpenings.html

Oncor  (7/26/10)

Oncor is a regulated electric distribution and transmission business that uses superior asset management skills to provide reliable electricity delivery to consumers.  Oncor operates the largest distribution and transmission system in Texas, providing power to 3 million electric delivery points over more than 120,000 miles of distribution and 14,000 miles of transmission lines.

APPLY ON-LINE ONLY at https://oncorexperienced.ats.hrsmart.com/cgi-bin/a/alljobs.cgi?qty=25&order=companyname&order=jobs.requestdate%20DESC and attach Resume.  Look for Request number 2110.

Internal Audit Manager


This position is responsible for:

  • managing an independent internal audit organization for Oncor Electric Delivery (Oncor),
  • developing and managing a professional, proactive work group that brings a disciplined approach to the evaluation and improvement of risk management, internal control, and governance processes of Oncor,
  • developing a risk-based audit plan that assesses the adequacy and effectiveness of risk management, internal control and governance process and achieving the annual objectives of the Internal Audit function.
Key Accountabilities
  • The primary responsibility for this position is:  Manage the independent internal audit function for Oncor by developing and maintaining a competent staff, developing a risk based audit plan that assesses the adequacy and effectiveness of risk management, internal control, and governance processes and achieve the annual objectives of the Internal Audit function.
  • Identify and evaluate significant exposures to risk and contribute to the improvement of risk management and control systems.  Specifically evaluate risks and recommend control enhancements regarding:
    • Reliability and integrity of financial and operational information
    • Effectiveness and efficiency of operations
    • Safeguarding of assets
    • Compliance with laws, regulations, contracts, and company policies and procedures
  • Organize resources to address the audit plan, including coordinating audit activity with co-sourcing and out-sourcing companies to utilize expertise and resource deployment that they offer.
  • Provide supervision, leadership, and expertise in the overall planning and conducting of audit projects, which include but are not limited to:  financial audits, compliance audits, business process reviews, consulting, control evaluations and investigations.
  • Monitor work performance for accuracy and completeness to ensure compliance with established Institute of Internal Audit Standards.
  • Report the results of audits to executive and operating management.
  • Prepare audit summary report for presentation to Audit Committee.
  • Evaluate the adequacy of corrective actions taken by operating management via follow-up audits and reviews.
  • Direct completion of test plan development and execution of Information Technology’s Sarbanes Oxley compliance requirements
  • Develop and maintain superior working relationships with business managers throughout the client organization.
  • Advise executive and operating management, providing risk management, internal control, and governance guidance.
  • Determine fiscal requirements of audit organization and prepare, monitor, and manage annual expense budget.
  • Perform various personnel functions including hiring, performance evaluations, promotions, transfers, training, career development, time scheduling, and dismissals.
  • Manage all investigations performed by Internal Audit.
  • In the absence of the Director of Internal Audit, assume delegated authority for review and authorization of hiring documents, expense reports, invoices, contracts, requisitions, and other documents as required.
Job Requirements / Qualifications
  • Education –.College degree and a professional certification (CPA, CIA) are highly desired.
  • Experience – Prior experience with Internal Audit and risk management activities.  Preferably, at least 8 years of audit experience and prior management experience.
  • Skills:
    • Communicate concisely and effectively with Operations and Executive Management.
    • Demonstrate knowledge of the business objectives, key risks and value drivers of the business.
    • In-depth knowledge and understanding of business processes, regulatory requirements, business unit policies and procedures, and operating practices and standards.
    • Superior audit expertise pertaining to risk management, internal control and governance processes.
    • Cultivate and maintain superior working relationships with all stakeholders (client base, vendors, and other business associates)
    • Strong overall communication skills: listening, informing and presenting.
    • Ability to identify significant problems, secure relevant information, weigh options, and implement appropriate and timely business decisions.
    • Ability to lead, inspire, and motivate people to pursue a shared vision and create extraordinary results that achieve individual and team objectives.
    • Ability to create innovative process and control solutions that are cost beneficial.
  • Limited travel required.

DFW International Airport  (7/22/10)

Located halfway between the cities of Dallas and Fort Worth, Texas, DFW International Airport is the world's third busiest, offering nearly 1,750 flights per day and serving 55.5 million passengers a year. DFW International Airport provides non-stop service to 135 domestic and 37 international destinations worldwide.


SUMMARY:  Senior Auditors perform professional-level audit work to assist the Board of Directors and management.

MINIMUM REQUIREMENTS:  Bachelor's degree in Accounting, Finance, or a related field; three years of professional-level auditing experience (Certified Internal Auditor, Certified Public Accountant, Certified Management Accountant, Certified Fraud Examiner, or Certified Information System Auditor certification may substitute for one year of work experience); and possession of a valid Class C driver's license.

DESIRED SKILLS/QUALIFICATIONS:  Excellent organization, project management, interpersonal, and writing skills.  Construction audit experience, contract audit experience, and/or overhead rate audit experience preferred.

For more information and to apply online, visit our website at www.dfwairport.com. Click on the Careers link.

If you would like your employment opportunities to appear in this space or in the newsletter, eNews, please contact Brent Lapeze at advertising@dallasiia.org.

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Dallas Chapter

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