The Dallas Chapter - October 2006 eNews

October 2006

The President’s Letter

Wow! We had a great meeting in September with more than 250 attendees. The topics of fraud and investigations are usually a big draw for us. And the speakers were outstanding as I heard many positive comments.

We are excited about our October meeting and the new venue. Based on the feedback we received from our annual member survey, we found a northern location that can accommodate the size of attendance at our meetings. We are very pleased to have our October meeting at the Brookhaven Country Club in Farmers Branch. This is a wonderful private club that provides exceptional service. To make it a more special treat, Brookhaven is offering the Dallas Chapter members a discounted rate of $45 to play a round of golf after the post meeting. While you are at Brookhaven you might as well take advantage of the amenities. Below you can find more details about playing golf.

We are pleased to have one of our own Dallas Chapter members present the pre-meeting topic. Raquel Hardy is in the internal audit department at Baylor Health Care System and will be sharing tips on how to write e-mails and audit reports. I always enjoy hearing from a fellow practitioner and I could use a few tips to help me be a more effective writer. At the lunch meeting Richard Tuck will present the topic of retaining staff and then at the post-meeting on how we can influence and negotiate with others within our organizations. As a reminder, we will be providing two hours of Continuing Education credit at the post-meeting, so make sure you block off your calendar to stay later than usual. And, of course, you may want to make sure you block off time to play golf.

In the August IIA Research Foundation Report, the Dallas Chapter was specially recognized because we have won first place in the research competition on several occasions. I want to extend a special thanks to all of the volunteers who have served on the research committee over the past years for their time and effort. Without the volunteers, we would not be recognized as a leader in research projects. Read the full story and other related articles on the IIA Web page:

I look forward to another successful meeting. If you have any comments or questions, please do not hesitate to contact me or another officer.


Pamela Krakosky
2006-2007 President - Dallas Chapter IIA

Next Meeting - Thursday, October 5, 2006
Brookhaven Country Club, Farmers Branch

Communicating the Value of your Audit Function

Lunch Meeting 12:00pm - 1:20pm
Registration begins at 11:30pm

Retaining Staff

Richard Tuck, Lander International

In a candidate scarce marketplace such as the internal audit profession is currently experiencing, corporations are putting more emphasis on retaining the quality people they already have on their teams. In this luncheon session Richard Tuck, the CEO and founder of the nation’s largest audit recruiting firm, will share his insights into why auditors leave their jobs and what can be done to keep them.

There are many misconceptions about most people leaving jobs because another company offers more money. Actually the salary issue is usually far down the list of reasons why someone is dissatisfied. What is interesting is that most managers have within their control the ability to retain the vast majority of people they lose. They just don’t know why their staff members are disappointed or what they are seeking in a new opportunity. This session will highlight what successful departments are doing to increase their retention rates for auditors.

Richard Tuck, CES, CPC, CIPC, has been a featured speaker at over 350 conferences and chapter meetings of the IIA and ISACA in the United States and Canada. He has a Bachelor's and Master's degree and was a teacher and college instructor before entering his business career. He is consistently rated one of the most entertaining and informative speakers available on topics related to Career Planning and The Future of Internal Audit.

Richard is CEO and Founder of Lander International, the world's largest internal audit recruiting firm. Over the last 25 years he has helped thousands of auditors meet career goals with domestic and multinational companies around the world. He has had over 100 articles published in magazines, trade journals and newspapers.

Richard holds three certifications related to the human resources field and he was Chairman of the Board of Directors of the California Institute of Employment Counseling, the certification board of the placement industry. He has been President of the San Francisco Chapter of ISACA and was also Region One Vice President. He has served on several international committees helping to formulate educational ideas for the audit profession.

Having personally visited over 600 internal audit groups, Richard enjoys sharing industry best practices and synopsizing how to achieve greater goals. He is the only two time recipient of the Arnold Dito Award for contributions to the audit profession, given by the San Francisco Chapter of ISACA.

Audiences enjoy Richard's vivid examples because he draws on such a wealth of ideas of what works in new approaches to auditing around the world. Being a modern Renaissance man, he fills his presentations with everything from literary references to Dickens, to his love of roller coasters. He has a unique style that makes it easy for audiences to remember his points and put them into action.

Pre-Meeting 10:30am

The Art of Writing E-Mails and Reports
Raquel Harrison Hardy, Baylor Health

E-mails and audit reports are the most common ways for auditors to communicate with clients/auditees. Whether it is requests for information or presentation of testing results, the way your e-mail and reports are presented can help or hinder the messages delivered. This presentation will give you some tools and tricks for writing effective emails and audit reports that get your point across the first time.

Raquel Harrison Hardy is an Operations Audit Manager for Baylor Health Care System, one of the country's largest, not-for-profit health care systems. BHCS is comprised of an entire network of hospitals, primary care physician centers and practices, rehabilitation clinics and senior health centers located in the heart of the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex. Prior to her current position, she managed operational and financial audits for a for-profit healthcare system.

Raised in New Orleans, Louisiana, Raquel now resides in Grand Prairie, Texas. She received her Bachelor of Science in Accounting from Louisiana State University in December 1992. Raquel is a Certified Public Accountant, Certified Internal Auditor and Certified Fraud Examiner. She is a member of various accounting and auditing professional associations.

Post-Meeting 1:30pm

Influence, Persuasion and Negotiating: Key Skills for Auditor Success
Richard Tuck, Lander International

An auditor's effectiveness is highly dependent upon his/her ability to influence and persuade others to give their support and provide information and assistance or to take appropriate action. This highly interactive workshop is designed to show auditors at any organizational level how to have more effective interactions with auditees, bosses, subordinates, peers, colleagues and others that they want to influence. It will explore the differences between power, influence and manipulation. In addition, auditors will learn how people process information and help them tune into information gathering and decision making strategies that different people use so that they can become more powerful influencers.

This is a 2-hour CPE Session that will end at 3:15pm.

This meeting is being held at Brookhaven Country Club, 3333 Golfing Green Drive, Dallas, TX 75234.

Directions to the Brookhaven can be found at the club web site:

Preferred Method:

The best method to place and confirm your reservation is via the web site at

Secondary Method:

An optional method is to use the telephone, fax, or e-mail. However, a $2 phone/fax/e-mail fee will be assessed to each reservation.


Paula Whatley
Builders First Source

Meeting / Luncheon Fees:

IIA Members: $25
Non-Members: $35
Students: $15
Walk-ins/late registrations (members or non): $35
Phone/E-Mail Fee: $2

Reservations and cancellations must be received by 5:00 pm on Friday, September 29, 2006.

We reserve the right to bill for "no-shows."

We Now Accept Credit Cards - Online Only

We accept most major Credit Cards

The IIA Dallas Chapter, in conjunction with PayPal, will now accept payment online for the monthly luncheons. There is no change in the cost to you for the lunch. We accept VISA, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, or eCheck. Note that some corporate-issued cards are not accepted by PayPal. This service is only available online at the time the reservation is made. This can be used to pay for individual or group reservations. Follow the instructions on our website. If you properly cancel a reservation before the meeting, the Chapter will either return the funds to you or reserve you for the next meeting. Any questions, contact Tom Keils at 214-880-3560 or

After you place your reservation online, you will see the link to pay via PayPal if desired.

Chapter News

IIA Research Foundation

The Research Foundation has recently issued a report entitled Managing Strategic Alliance Risk: Survey Evidence of Control Practices in Collaborative Inter-organizational Settings. Firms are increasingly using collaborative organizational arrangements (e.g., joint ventures, strategic alliances, and strategic supply chains) to complete transactions that require a high level of inter-organizational involvement and coordination. The adoption of these organizational forms has created a need for new management control practices that comprehend the risks of transacting with self-interested parties when complete contracts cannot be written or when the cost of doing so is prohibitive. This study seeks to identify, categorize, and quantify:

  1. The common and systematic risks associated with the formation and performance management of innovative inter-organizational forms, and
  2. The control practices currently being implemented by firms engaged in these activities.

This report is provided as a free download to members of The IIA. IIA members may reproduce and distribute copies for use within their organizations. The IIA Research Foundation, however, encourages individuals and organizations who find its resources valuable to make a tax-deductible contribution. The Foundation is a 501(c)(3) corporation, formed to provide and expand research and education for the benefit of the internal auditor, the internal auditing profession, business and government communities, and the general public. As such, it relies on voluntary tax-deductible contributions to fund its projects and educational programs. The link to the publication is


The Institute of Internal Auditors Research Foundation (IIARF) is committed to understanding how the practice of internal auditing is carried out around the world and using this knowledge to provide guidance to our more than 115,000 members. Today, this effort is taking a monumental step forward.

The IIARF is performing an ongoing research program, entitled the Common Body of Knowledge (CBOK), which will broaden our understanding of how internal auditing is practiced around the world. This comprehensive study will be updated every three years and will become a permanent program of The IIA Research Foundation.

What is the Common Body of Knowledge (CBOK)?

  • The most important research study the IIARF has ever undertaken
  • The first project funded by the William Bishop III, CIA Memorial Fund
    • We envision this project to be a living legacy of Bill’s passion for internal auditing
    • Bill was a tremendous supporter of internal audit research and CBOK will provide a fitting tribute to Bill’s contributions to the profession of internal auditing
  • A comprehensive survey that will capture the state of the internal auditing profession throughout the world including: • The knowledge and skills that internal auditors possess
    • The varying skill and organizational levels that practice internal auditing work
    • The actual duties performed by internal auditors
    • The structure of internal audit organizations
    • The types of industries which practice internal audit
    • The regulatory environment of various countries
  • CBOK will provide an understanding of the unique value-added role internal auditing has in organizations throughout the world
    • This understanding will enable us to better define the future of internal auditing and ensure that it remains a vibrant and relevant contribution to organizations
  • The results of CBOK will drive many crucial aspects of The IIA for the next 3 years, including:
    • Certifications and exams
    • Standards
    • Advocacy
    • Practice Advisories
    • Educational Programs
    • Educational Products
    • Publications
  • Visit the CBOK web site at and sign up to take the survey
  • Encourage your co-workers and staff to take the survey when it is released
  • Promote the survey within your organization, IIA chapter or affiliate and other professional groups

We anticipate the release of the survey in the third quarter of 2006. To learn more about CBOK, view project phases, sign up to participate in the survey or keep up to date on the project’s status, visit

Certification News

New Certifications

New CIAs, CGAPs, CFSAs, and CCSAs, that passed the May 2006 exam will receive their certificates and be honored at the November 7 meeting at Cityplace. The IIA will be mailing the certificates to the Dallas Chapter in October. If you are a new CIA/CGAP/CFSA/CCSA, you will get a free lunch for you and your guest! If you are unable to attend the luncheon, please contact Toni Messer, at or 972-883-2693, to make arrangements to obtain your certificate. Details on how to register for the November 7 luncheon will be e-mailed in October.

November 2006 Exams – Register by September 30!

Don’t forget to register for the CIA and other certification exams by September 30! The exams will be held November 15-16, 2006, at The University of Texas at Dallas School of Management (SOM) Building. Specific room locations will be posted at Room 1.502. For directions and a map, see the website at

CIA Exam Times

Part I (11/15) and Part III (11/16)
8:30 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.
(08:30 – 12:00) Local Time

Part II (11/15) and Part IV, and CGAP/CFSA/CCSA (11/16)
1:30 to 5:00 p.m.
(13:30 – 17:00) Local Time

For other certification exams, see The IIA’s Web site at .

Help! We Need Proctors for the November Exams!

Due to the large number of November exam participants, we need lots of proctors! You can proctor just one part, or even just help out with setting the rooms up and helping with registration before the exams start. If you give four hours, the IIA will buy your lunch and reimburse your mileage. You can even wear jeans!

If you’re interested, please contact Toni Messer at, or 972-883-2693. Please consider giving at least four hours of your time back to the profession and to the Chapter.

Report Your Speaking and Writing

It's time again for the survey to determine which IIA Dallas Chapter members have submitted articles or spoken since September 1. Each speaking engagement on internal auditing that a Dallas Chapter member completes will earn the Chapter 1 credit per CPD hour. Each full article, Roundtable article, Fraud Finding, etc. submitted that meets basic editorial guidelines will earn 5 credits. For each full article published 20 credits are earned. Each internal audit related article published in any other trade or professional journal that is authored by a chapter member is 5 credits.

To report your writing and speaking go to and complete the provided form by October 15, 2006. Contact Gwen Land if you have any questions.


Dallas Chapter Seminars

The Dallas Chapter of the Institute of Internal Auditors will be holding its SMART Conference 2006 - Seminar on Mastering Audit Real-world Techniques, on December 11-12, 2006 at the Cityplace Conference Center. The Chapter is offering a discount for members who register early.

If you register and pay by October 20, IIA members will receive a special rate of $300 and non-members will receive a rate of $400. After October 20, the rate will increase $50.

As you will recall, our Regional Conference held in 2004 was a great success and due to limited capacity we were forced to turn individuals away. Please register yourself or your staff early so you won't miss out on this great opportunity to receive two days of CPE with outstanding general session speakers, two tracks with great topic presenters, breakfast, lunch and breaks with refreshments for such a great price. If you would like to take advantage of this special offer please visit the Conference website at program and registration information. Please join us for this outstanding learning opportunity.

Intermediate ACL for Windows

JCPenney in conjunction with Pro-Info Associates, invites you to attend an Intermediate ACL for Windows class on November 28 – 30, 2006. This “hands-on” course will build upon the material and subject matter presented in the Introduction to ACL for Windows class. The course will begin with a brief review of concepts covered in the Introduction to ACL training class. Advanced ACL commands and data analysis techniques will then be introduced and explained. The advantages of “linking” files through establishing ACL data relations will be addressed through the use of real-world data and group exercises. Participants will learn efficient ways to filter or remove unwanted data from their ACL data files. ACL Group and Script commands will be presented as a means to enhance data analysis efficiency and effectiveness. The course will cover the use of advanced ACL Functions to simplify and automate various data analysis tasks. Data normalization techniques will be explained and their uses presented as a means to correct inconsistent data. Time permitting, Benford’s Law theory and its practical applications will be also presented.

Course Prerequisites:
Participants should have previously completed the Introduction to ACL for Windows course or have basic working knowledge of the ACL for Windows software system.

This class will be held at the JCPenney Home Office – Training Room E1-099 on 6501 Legacy Drive, Plano, TX 75025. Course participants will earn 24 hours of CPE credit.

Open-Enrollment Pricing: $600
A. Open-Enrollment Discounts:  
  •  Membership in IIA, ISACA, AGA, Other:
  • Early Registration (before 11/01/2006):

Please make checks payable to Pro-Info Associates. Space is limited for this training, so don't wait to sign up!

Contact Information for registration:    
Pro-Info Associates Contact:
Marc Garcia

(512) 343-2866 phone
(512) 343-6536 fax
JCPenney Contact:
Holly Villanueva

972-431-5982 phone


Career Opportunities

Are you currently in the job market either voluntarily or involuntarily? Let the Employment Committee help you. Send us your resume and we will include you in our resume database. We receive calls from recruiters and hiring managers for open positions and will forward your resume if there is a match. We get calls for staff to director levels, IT to finance, local to out of town. All inquiries will be handled confidentially. If you have any questions, give us a call or e-mail us. We look forward to helping you.

Fred Herman, Employment Committee Chairman, 972-801-1208,

Lennox International  (9/18/06)

Lennox International is a leading provider of climate control solutions for heating, air conditioning, and refrigeration markets in over 100 countries. We are focused on three key businesses: Heating and Cooling, Service Experts, and Refrigeration. This position will test and audit design and operational effectiveness of internal controls, communicate results to auditee and management, and assist with training and education relating to control concepts and tools.

Bachelor’s degree is required with at least 4 years of experience in a public accounting firm, an internal audit department, or related accounting or finance role. CPA and/or CIA certification or candidates for certification required. A BPA Analyst must possess the ability to effectively understand and evaluate the design and operating effectiveness of internal controls, must be familiar with the requirements of section 404 of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act, must have the ability to develop and execute test plans, and a working knowledge of GAAP. The successful candidate must also possess a strong team orientation, and display effective oral and written communication skills. This position will require at least 50% travel.

Lennox International Inc. is a global leader in the heating, air conditioning, and refrigeration markets. Headquartered in Richardson, Texas, this $3.4B publicly traded company operates through three major business segments: Heating and Cooling, Service Experts, and Refrigeration. The company’s revenues are generated 87% from the Americas, 8% from Europe, and 5% Asia Pacific. Lennox seeks a skilled accounting analyst to join the finance team of this well regarded global manufacturing organization. Position Summary The Accounting Analyst II is responsible for supporting the Information Technologies (IT) organization in planning, accounting, tracking and costing for IT projects undertaken to support the three major business segments and the Corporate and Shared Service departments. The analyst will also be responsible for IT departmental budgeting, forecasting and analysis of key financial and operational metrics and data. Assistance in preparation of business cases for potential IT investments will also be required.

Key Responsibilities

  • Work with the IT organization and business unit Controller groups to develop and implement a project costing methodology.
  • Report and analyze project costs on a monthly basis. Provide variance analysis and assist in developing risk and opportunity assessments.
  • Develop IT departmental budgets and forecasts. Publish monthly IT departmental financial results and variance analysis.
  • Develop standard templates and reports to assist management in decision-making.
  • Assist management in preparation and review of business cases for IT investments.

The ideal candidate will have an undergraduate degree and/or work experience in accounting, finance or business development and will have work related experience with project costing. Experience with IT type expenditures is preferable. The candidate should have experience with technology tools such as Excel, Word, SAP and Hyperion. Excellent communication skills, both written and verbal are essential to ensure the success of the candidate. The ability to work across various organizations is also critical to this position. The candidate should possess strong analytical skills and the ability to think out of the box. Reporting Relationships This position reports to the Director of Business Analysis and Planning and has a strong dotted line reporting relationship to the VP Information Technologies. The position has no direct reports.

Lennox International Inc. offers an excellent salary and benefits package including 401(K) and profit sharing plan. Our health benefits include medical, dental and vision insurance. Lennox also offers its employees basic life and AD&D insurance, a scholarship program and employee tuition reimbursement. NO PHONE CALLS PLEASE. Apply through the website above or to Lennox International, Inc. is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

Holly Corporation  (9/18/06)

Holly Corporation is an independent petroleum refiner and marketer producing high-value products such as gasoline, diesel fuel and jet fuel. Holly operates through its subsidiaries a 82,000 barrel per stream day (“bpsd”) refinery located in New Mexico, and a 26,000 bpsd refinery in Utah. Holly also owns a 45% interest (including the general partner interest) in Holly Energy Partners, L.P., which through subsidiaries owns or leases approximately 1,600 miles of petroleum product pipelines in Texas, New Mexico and Oklahoma and refined product terminals in several Southwest and Rocky Mountain states. Holly owns 100% of Holly Asphalt Company which markets asphalt products throughout the Southwest.

Holly Corporation currently has two career opportunities for a Senior Auditor in the Internal Auditing Department of our corporate offices in Dallas, Texas.

Conduct complex auditing assignments for the Internal Audit department under minimal supervision.


  • Conducts financial and operational risk-based audits and review of internal controls of the Company’s operations
  • Performs audit fieldwork testing
  • Develops recommendations for audit findings, focusing on strengthening internal controls, quality and efficiency
  • Develops draft internal audit reports based on findings and recommendations
  • Assists with documentation and testing of internal controls over financial reporting for the Company’s Sarbanes-Oxley compliance efforts
  • Maintains documentation of process-related controls, including flowcharts and matrices
  • Monitors testing results of process controls, and provides feedback to management
  • Special assignments or tasks assigned to the employee by their supervisor, as determined from time to time in their sole and complete discretion.

3-5 years of related experience in internal auditing, public accounting, or general accounting.

A minimum of a Bachelor’s degree in accounting or finance is required. CPA or CIA preferred.

Must be able to perform moderate to complex financial analysis. Must have knowledge of Microsoft products, experience with financial software is preferred. A solid understanding of generally accepted accounting principles , finance concepts and procedures is required.

Office based 30-40% travel required

Job conditions may require light lifting, sitting and bending.

Please visit us at to view and apply for current opportunities with Holly Corporation. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, or national origin.

Holly Corporation is an EEO / Affirmative Action Employer.

Children’s Medical Center Dallas  (9/12/06)

Senior Internal Auditor – Job Opening

Children’s Medical Center Dallas is currently looking for a Senior Internal Auditor for our Internal Audit Department. Internal Audit reports to the Corporate Compliance Officer and the Audit Committee of the Board of Directors. This position will report to the Director of Internal Audit and will be responsible for the following:

  • Documenting and flowcharting business processes and related internal controls.
  • Developing audit programs and conducting audits of financial and operational areas.
  • Documenting and evaluating audit results.
  • Drafting audit reports and making recommendations for improvements in business processes or internal controls.
  • Performing follow-up audits to evaluate status of agreed upon recommendations.
  • Assisting the Compliance Department with special projects.

The ideal candidate for this position will be a CPA with a combination of Big 5 public accounting and internal audit experience. Qualified candidates must possess the following:

  • Bachelor's degree in Accounting required. Master's degree in Accounting or MBA preferred.
  • 3-5 years recent public accounting or internal audit experience required.
  • CPA or CIA certification required.
  • Ability to plan and complete audits within established deadlines while working independently as an individual contributor.
  • Ability to interact with all levels of management.
  • Ability to step back from details and consider the "big picture."
  • Advanced knowledge of MS Office (Access, Excel, PowerPoint and Word).
  • Knowledge of flowcharting software (Visio) preferred.

Children’s Medical Center Dallas is one of the largest pediatric providers in the nation. As the primary pediatric teaching facility for the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center at Dallas, Children’s is the only academic hospital in North Texas dedicated exclusively to the comprehensive care of children from birth to age 18. Private and not-for-profit, Children’s is licensed for 406 beds, has more than 50 pediatric sub-specialty ambulatory programs and is the only pediatric hospital in the Southwest with a designated Level I trauma center. The 72-bed Children’s Medical Center Legacy is scheduled for completion in 2008 to better serve children in Collin County and the growing region.

Please apply on line at The position is posted under Careers/Professions/Finance/Accounting/Auditing. For further information, contact

Equal Opportunity Employer

SMU  (9/12/06)

INTERNAL AUDITOR – P25Aug – 052848 (Reference#499) – President’s Office/Internal Audit – (Salary commensurate with experience) – This position is responsible for performing internal audit work throughout the University. Primary responsibilities include, but are not limited to: performing routine or planned reviews; performing investigations; special projects; attending meetings; writing reports and following up previous audit write-ups. A Bachelor’s degree is required, preferably in accounting or related field (e.g. Finance) A minimum of two years audit experience is required. Professional certification is desirable or expected to be obtained. Candidates must demonstrate strong oral, interpersonal, and written communication skills. Must also possess a general understanding of accounting and a working knowledge of audit concepts. Candidates must possess a strong understanding of control procedures, methods, and philosophies. Must also possess strong organizational skills, with an ability to persevere, work under pressure, and adapt easily to changes. Candidates must possess the ability to work independently or in a team environment. A working knowledge of generalized automated tools (Excel, Word, and etc) and audit software tools is essential. No audit-related travel required. Priority consideration will be given to submissions received by: September 11, 2006. DEADLINE TO APPLY: September 25, 2006. Please visit our website to apply. SMU is AA/EO employer committed to excellence through diversity.

University of Texas at Arlington  (9/12/06)

Job title Information Systems Auditor
Posting number 06-08-23-01-9132
Date available 09/01/2006
Monthly salary $ 3750 per month negotiable depending on qualifications.
Hours per week 40.00 Standard from 800AM to 500PM
Location Arlington, TX
Hiring department Office of Assurance Services

Required qualifications: Bachelor's degree in accounting, finance, management, or information systems. Certified Systems Auditor (CISA) designation. 5 years information technology auditing experience. Working knowledge of the principles and practice of accounting and auditing.

Preferred qualifications: Certified Public Accountant or Certified Internal Auditor. Experience in information technology auditing. Experience with a public or private college or university, state or federal agency or auditing firm.

Purpose of position: To provide information systems auditing on large and complex computer applications and technological issues. To work in direct support of the Audit Manager and Director of Internal Audit in carrying out information technology audits.

Essential functions: Performs information technology audits applying techniques to review and test information systems and evaluate internal controls and information technology security measures. Applies various audit procedures including preparation of internal control questionnaires, preparation of audit programs, preparation of working papers, and audit reports. Plans and conducts audit work on assigned audits including compliance, financial, and operational audits which may not be directly associated with information technology. Effectively communicates audit results both orally and in writing. Complies with the IIA Standards for the professional practice of Internal Auditing, reviews draft reports and working papers of assigned audit staff, and completes work assigned independently or as part of a team. Assists in the development of audit staff assigned to audit projects by review and documentation of staff performance measured against pre-set audit/project goals.

Working conditions: Security Sensitive; criminal background check conducted. Position requires occasional travel and extended hours.

TO APPLY: Applicants MUST apply online at If you need assistance or need to use a computer with Internet, you can come to our office at 140 West Mitchell Street, B200, Arlington, TX 76019 (Monday-Friday, 8AM to 4PM). For questions and assistance, call 817-272-3461. This job may close at any time. Please check for a list of currently open positions. UTA is an EO/AA employer.

AAA Texas  (8/21/06)

Senior Auditor

For over a century, the American Automobile Association (AAA) has been known for providing world-class service to our members and the motoring public. We value our employees' contributions and make every effort to meet professional goals and aspirations.

In this position you will perform financial, operational, compliance, and investigative audits primarily in Texas, with potential assignments in Southern California, New Mexico, Northern New England, and Hawaii for the various business units of the Auto Club and its family of companies (travel approximately 15-20%). You will perform risk and control appraisals and work with operational management in a consultative role. You will perform investigations of alleged internal fraud and wrongdoing. You will present findings to management and executive management.

We are seeking an individual with excellent skills in financial analysis and accounting. You should have excellent verbal and written communication skills, and strong analytical skills with ability to analyze business risks and make cost-effective recommendations to mitigate risk or improve efficiencies and effectiveness. You should have a minimum of 4-5 years experience. You must have BA/BS degree in business administration, accounting, finance, economics or a business related field. Previous property and casualty insurance experience is a plus, as is certification such as CIA or CPA. Experience using the ACL software tool to extract and analyze information from corporate databases is also a plus. The position is located in Irving, Texas.

AAA Texas is proud to be an Equal Opportunity Employer.

Send resume and cover letter to Debbie Welch.

AAA Texas
LLC 6555 N. State Highway 161, T7751
Irving, TX 75039

Refer to job number, position titles and location.  or fax: 469-221-6024


USA Mobility, Inc.  (8/21/06)

USA Mobility, Inc., headquartered in Alexandria, Virginia, with significant operations in Plano, TX, is a leading provider of paging products and other wireless services to the business, government and healthcare sectors. USA Mobility offers traditional one-way and advanced two-way paging via its nationwide networks covering over 90% of the U.S. population and with roaming partners in Canada and Mexico. In addition, the company offers mobile voice and data services through Sprint, Nextel and Cingular including BlackBerry and GPS location applications. The company's product offerings include wireless connectivity systems for medical, business, government and other campus environments. USA Mobility focuses on the business-to-business marketplace and supplies mobile connectivity solutions to over two-thirds of the Fortune 1000.

1) Internal Audit Manager

Location: Plano, TX

Reporting to the Senior Director the Internal Audit Manager is responsible for assisting in planning and executing activities involved in the auditing of financial, operational and/or information technology functions of the organization. This includes the definition of audit scope, control evaluation, testing activities, reporting, and issue resolution and risk assessment for assigned objectives. Assists the Senior Director in communicating findings, conclusions, and recommendations to management.


  • Evaluates draft audit programs and leads staff in performing more complex procedures for independent audits and special reviews of Company functions, processes, business units, contracts and other activities to ensure reliability and integrity of information, proper recording of transactions, safeguarding of assets, compliance with policies and procedures, achievement of operational goals and objectives, and effective and efficient use of resources.
  • Oversees staff’s efforts in analyzing data obtained for evidence of deficiencies in controls, duplication of effort, extravagance, fraud, or lack of compliance with laws, government regulations and company policies and procedures. Reviews draft reports and audit work papers to ensure findings are accurate, complete and supported. Prepares and submits audit findings for recommendations to management.
  • Oversees staff’s efforts and assists with assessing risks and recommending changes to strengthen financial reporting, internal controls or business process controls and operating effectiveness.
  • Develops a thorough understanding of Company accounts, financial processes, systems, policies and procedures and maintains technical proficiency with Generally Accepted Audit Principles, auditing standards, trends and best practices and conducts and coordinates audit activities accordingly.
  • Supervises staff or personally responds to ad hoc requests to address control issues on new business processes, policies and procedures; consults to management on such matters as exception reporting and analysis, may conduct special projects.
  • Assists in the coordination of testing procedures to support management’s assessment of internal controls over financial reporting in accordance with SOX, generates and evaluates audit work papers.
  • Promotes the collection and dissemination of best practices in conjunction with audit activities and maintains effective working relationships with management at all levels to facilitate audit goals.
  • Performs other related duties and tasks as assigned.


  • MBA or advanced degree preferred in Accounting or Finance
  • CPA, CIA and/or CISA certification preferred
  • Advanced knowledge of Generally Accepted Accounting Principles and auditing standards
  • Intermediate Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access
  • 8+ years of progressive responsibilities in general accounting, finance, auditing or public accounting experience (or combinations thereof)
  • Previous supervisory experience a must
  • Previous public accounting and project management experience

Please send resumes to June Taylor at .

2) Senior Internal Audit Analyst

Location: Plano, TX

Responsible for planning and executing activities involved in the auditing of financial, operational and/or information technology functions of the organization, as directed by the Senior Director of Internal Audit, including definition of audit scope, control evaluation, testing activities, audit reporting, issue resolution and risk assessment for assigned audit objectives. Responsible for reviewing, analyzing, and evaluating business processes, internal controls and Company financial data, applying appropriate accounting principles and auditing standards, to ensure the integrity and accuracy of all financial data and efficiency of operations.

Assists in the communication of findings, conclusions, and recommendations to management.

ESSENTIAL DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES include the following. Other duties may be assigned.

  • Develops effective audit programs and leads staff in performing more complex procedures for independent audits and special reviews of Company functions, processes, business units, contracts and other activities to ensure reliability and integrity of information, proper recording of transactions, safeguarding of assets, compliance with policies and procedures, achievement of operational goals and objectives, and effective and efficient use of resources.
  • Analyzes data obtained for evidence of deficiencies in controls, duplication of effort, extravagance, fraud, or lack of compliance with laws, government regulations and company policies and procedures. Prepares and submits audit findings and makes recommendations to management.
  • Conducts and coordinates audit activities in accordance with Generally Accepted Audit Principles and stipulated schedules.
  • Assists with assessing risks and recommending changes to strengthen financial reporting, internal controls or business process controls and operating effectiveness.
  • Develops a thorough understanding of Company accounts, financial processes, systems, policies and procedures and maintains technical proficiency with Generally Accepted Audit Principles, auditing standards, trends and best practices.
  • Leads staff in responding to ad hoc requests to address control issues on new business processes, policies and procedures and provide consultative services to management including exception reporting and analysis.
  • Promotes the collection and dissemination of best practices in conjunction with audit activities.
  • Maintains effective working relationships with management in the field and at corporate to facilitate audit goals and objectives.
  • Conducts special projects for management, as requested.
  • Performs other related duties and tasks as assigned.


  • MBA or advanced degree preferred in Accounting/Finance
  • CPA, CIA and/or CISA certification preferred
  • Advanced knowledge of Generally Accepted Accounting Principles and auditing standards
  • Prior experience with automated audit workpaper software (such as TeamMate) and data analysis software (such as ACL) or the ability to quickly learn and become an advanced user of specialized audit software
  • Intermediate Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access
  • 5+ years experience with auditing techniques and/or internal controls
  • Supervisory experience
  • Project management experience
  • Previous public accounting experience
  • Willing to travel up to 25% domestically

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