2022 17th Annual Fraud Summit – Virtual

Join us for the VIRTUAL 17th Annual Fraud Summit benefitting the Center for Internal Auditing Excellence at the University of Texas at Dallas! The Workshops comprise 8 hours CPE and the Conference is 8 hours CPE. Discounts are available for the workshops and/or the conference if you register by March 4th, 2022! Additional bonus CPE on-demand content, including 2 CPE hours of CIA Ethics, is included!

Friday Conference – March 25th, 2022

Price through March 4th: $200 early registration discount per person. If four or more register from the same organization, the price drops to $175 per person! Price from March 5th to March 20th: $250 per person.

Opening Keynote

Anthony J. Pugliese, CIA, CPA, CGMA, CITP, is President and CEO of The Institute of Internal Auditors (IIA), the internal audit profession’s most widely recognized advocate, educator, and provider of standards, guidance, and certifications. Over a career spanning more than 30 years, Pugliese has been a strategic, hands-on leader, directed strategic expansions into major global markets, pioneered innovative educational initiatives aimed at enhancing members’ professional growth, overseen the internal audit function of a major organization, and defined cultural norms toward greater diversity, equity, and inclusiveness (DE&I). As CEO of The IIA, he drives the vision and management of the over 80-year-old organization with more than 210,000 members, 156 chapters, and 112 affiliates in nearly 200 countries and territories. His focus is on enhancing membership services, creating new approaches to learning and competency development programs, fulfilling The IIA’s multimillion-dollar digital transformation initiative, and enhancing the value of internal audit, particularly in its role of addressing organizational risks and opportunities.

Keynote 1: Dusting Your Data for Fraud’s Fingerprints, Mark Nigrini

Mark Nigrini: Professor, Author, Acclaimed Authority on Benford’s Law. Nigrini is the 2020 author of “Dusting Your Data for Fraud’s Fingerprints” in the December 2020 Fraud Magazine. In 2014, Nigrini published a Lawler award winning article in the Journal of Accountancy that was co-authored with Nathan Mueller, a fraudster, who at the time was incarcerated in a federal prison. Nigrini’s work has been featured in The Financial Times, New York Times, and The Wall Street Journal. He is also an associate professor of accounting at West Virginia University and author of “Forensic Analytics: Methods and Techniques for Forensic Accounting Applications” and “Benford’s Law: Applications for Forensic Accounting, Auditing, and Fraud Detection.”


Keynote 2: Seduction in Fraud and Espionage, Sanya Morang and Steve Morang

Sanya Morang:  Sanya is an expert on human nature and behavior. She is the founder of The Seduction of Fraud and is the Director of Honey Badger Consulting. She is an Adjunct Professor at Golden Gate University and holds a bachelor’s degree from Webster University, Vienna, Austria. Her background also includes extensive experience in both marketing and psychology. She is the former Vice-President of Research & Development for the San Francisco Chapter of the ACFE and is a Certified Spiritual Mentor. Sanya has previously worked in the fashion, cosmetics and airline industries.



Steve Morang:  With over 20 years of experience in the anti-fraud profession, Steve has an extensive knowledge of fraud, ethics and compliance. He is the former President of the San Francisco Chapter of the ACFE, the author of Big Frauds Column of Fraud Magazine and is an Adjunct Professor in Fraud Examination and Ethics at Golden Gate University. Steve also leads the Fraud & Forensics Practice at a leading CPA firm in the Bay Area.



Learning Objectives

  • Identify Common symptoms / characteristics of fraud.
  • Recognize key elements of the fraud diamond.
  • Implement effective fraud prevention and detection strategies.

No prerequisites required. 8 CPE offered.

Thursday Workshops – March 24, 2022

Price through March 4th: $200 early registration discount per person. If four or more register from the same organization, the price drops to $175 per person! Price from March 5th to March 20th: $250 per person.

Workshop – Forensic Analytics and Occupational Fraud, Mark Nigrini

This workshop is an opportunity to learn about Benford’s Law and other analytic techniques to detect and prevent employee and supplier misconduct using case studies and discussions. The workshop will include case studies related to using Benford’s Law, case studies related to analytics assignments undertaken by the instructor, case studies related to fraud cases studied by the instructor, and case studies published by the instructor.

The workshop will be valuable for internal auditors, fraud examiners, and investigators with a general day-to-day familiarity with obtaining and importing transactional data, and who would like to explore and exploit the potential of forensic analytics. The workshop would also be valuable to other accountants and investigators who are thinking of moving into the forensic and data interrogation field.

Learning Objectives

  • Recognize that fraud numbers are mixed together with valid and authentic numbers
  • Understand that fraudsters have a digital fingerprint that makes their numbers different from valid and authentic numbers
  • Design and select computer-assisted audit analytics to identify fraud and bribes, or to confirm the behavioral responses (people gaming the system) that are a result of fraud or other incentives.
  • Developing the ability to find FCPA violations in payments data.

No prerequisites required. 4 CPE offered.

Workshop – Seduction of Fraud, Sanya Morang and Steve Morang

How do people get seduced into fraud? How do fraudsters use seduction to deceive people? Seduction is an indirect form of power; when it is raised to the level of an art, it has toppled governments, won elections, and enslaved great minds. Understanding how fraudsters use seduction in everyday settings will unlock the mysteries behind their ability to circumvent even the strongest internal control systems.

This workshop will use recent examples of major frauds and scandals to understand the driving motivators that move persons beyond acceptable behavior to commit unethical and sometimes illegal actions such as fraud. It will use historical examples from throughout history to explain behavioral traits that are consistent with such behavior. This will include taking a deep dive into the personalities of persons such as Cleopatra, Casanova, and others. Also, we will be examining not only how people are seduced into committing fraud, but also how seduction can be used by them to commit fraud. We will use a combination of various disciplines including ethics, psychology, human behavior analysis, and fraud examination.

Learning Objectives

  • Discover the power behind the seduction of fraud and how to use this knowledge to bridge the gap between fraud prevention, ethics, and human nature.
  • Understand the attributes of the seduction of fraud diamond and how they can be used to prevent fraud.
  • Develop an understanding of the personality similarities between historical seducers and modern-day fraudsters.

No prerequisites required. 4 CPE offered.






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