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If you are an active Dallas IIA member and you are interested in serving as a Chapter Officer or Board of Governor, please complete this form by entering your responses and clicking SUBMIT at the bottom.
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Biography - No more than 300 words:
Why are you interested in serving as an officer or on the Board of Governors (no more than 150 words)?:
Dallas Chapter Involvement (list any volunteer work, speaking engagements, positions held, etc.; no more than 150 words):
Other IIA Involvement (international, other chapters, etc.; no more than 150 words):
Other professional organization involvement and relevant activities which are beneficial to the nomination:
What degree of support do you believe you will receive from your supervisor and your institution’s leadership to serve in this capacity and be able to devote the time necessary to fulfill your Board duties, including the accomplishment of assigned association strategic objectives? (no more than 150 words):
Please provide specific ways that you believe you can value to the Dallas Chapter during your term as Officer/Board of Governors (no more than 150 words):


1. Will you evaluate the quality and overall strength of the programs and services offered by the Dallas Chapter?

2. Will you assess changes suggested by the officers and committee chairs?

3. Will you identify strengths and opportunities for the future? Some specifics include reviewing and accepting the auditor’s report on the yearly financial statements, assistance in selecting and supporting the community service project, giving input to the Research Committee and approving the research project each year, and approving the strategic long range plan each year?

4. Will you fully support the approved strategic long-range plan of the chapter?

5. Will you remain abreast of challenges in the internal audit profession and provide guidance to officers to help them provide solutions to our members?

6. Will you assist the chapter in making financial decisions to ensure we remain financially secure and can continue to provide quality programs and services to members?

7. Will you pose questions and give suggestions that you feel will be useful in guiding the Dallas Chapter and the officers while attending Board meetings?

8. Will you attend a majority of the board meetings during the fiscal year (June through May) and as many monthly chapter meetings as possible during the fiscal year?

9. Will you encourage active participation from internal auditors in your company in all aspects of the chapter operations such as attending chapter lunches and seminars and participating on committees?

10. Will you assist the Membership Committee with initiatives to increase membership such as contacting non-member companies and discussing the benefits of membership?

11. Will you timely notify the Chapter President if you are unable or unwilling to complete your term?

If you answered no to any of the above questions, please explain.

By signifying yes or no at the right, I swear the statements made above are true and do hereby declare my intent to seek the above elective office as a candidate.


NOTE: This form must be submitted electronically by no later than 5pm on 31 October 2018. Although optional, it is important that you include a head shot picture along with your completed form. We will share the picture and the above information with active Dallas IIA members for only purposes of the upcoming election. To email the image file, or for questions, please contact Teresa Lin (


If you have any questions, please contact the Volunteer Coordinator at


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