Chapter Volunteer Positions


Academic Relations Chair: Enhance our relationship with area universities; plan the Student Forum and other student-related activities to promote the audit profession. (15 to 20 hours per year)

Registration Assistant (Tech Committee): Work with prospective registrants for Chapter events to ensure that the chapter registration process is efficient and effective. The Registration Assistant will utilize the Event Management Tool to assist registrants. Registration Assistants can work remotely to fulfill this volunteer role.       (4 to 6 hours per month)

Lead Assistant Treasurer: Lead the Assistant Treasurer committee and is responsible for all registration activities (registration recording, cash management etc) for each event. (4 to 6 hours per month)

Assistant Treasurer: Assist with registration at the various events (monthly meetings, seminars) when you are available. (8 to 12 hours per year)

Chapter Audit Assistant: assist in performing the required annual audit of the Chapter’s financial records; submit an annual audit report to the Board of Governors and the IIA. (8 to 12 hours per year)

Volunteer Awards Chair: assist the officers in the selection and procurement of annual awards for Chapter members. (4 to 6 hours per year)

Bank Reconciliation Chair: reconcile bank statements each month and review supporting documentation for all disbursements issued by the Treasurer (1 to 2 hours per month)

Certifications Program Chair: coordinate certification recognition activities with guidance from the IIA. (3 to 4 hours per quarter)

Community Service Committee: organize and perform an audit of at least one local not-for-profit organization along with local university students or other volunteers (5 to 10 hours per year)

Membership Directory Chair: prepare the monthly Chapter Membership Directory along with special ad hoc directory related projects. (1 to 2 hours per month)

CPE Chair: maintain official Continuing Professional Education (CPE) records for the Chapter (4 to 6 hours per month)

Employment Chair: maintain listing of job openings provided by employers and resumes of Chapter members seeking employment. (10 to 12 hours per year)

Facility Logistics Chair: Coordinate facility logistics for all chapter events monthly meetings, (e.g. negotiating catering/facility contracts, confirming attendance with facility, selecting menus, reserving audio/visual equipment). Also responsible for all of the facility contract negotiations and venue researching on the front end. (6 to 8 hours per month)

Job Postings Chair: Maintain all audit related job postings on the Chapter website and all associated records (1 to 2 hours per month)

Membership Chair: lead the membership committee in all recruitment and retention activities; responsible for executing the annual membership campaign in an effort to increase membership of the Chapter and promote membership benefits (4 to 6 hours per month)

Membership committee: participate in special member retention and recruitment projects and serve as greeter at select chapter events (2 to 3 hours per month)

Membership Communications Chair: gather, organize and edit newsletter materials for transmission to Webmaster. Review and edit all mass communications to members.       Ensure that website content is up to date. (3 to 4 hours per month)

Name Badges Chair: maintain name badges for all Chapter events. (1 to 2 hours per month)

Photographer Chair: take pictures of special events as needed (Board of Governor meeting, awards banquet, Certification Awards etc) (4 to 6 hours per year)

Programs Co-Chair: Lead the programs committee in selecting speakers and topics for all monthly meetings; attend meetings to introduce the speakers and ensure that program logistics run smoothly (i.e. audio/visual) (4 to 6 hours per month)

Programs committee: plan and arrange for speakers for monthly meetings; coordinate speaker logistics. (1 to 2 hours per month)

Seminars Chair: Plan and arrange seminar speakers and logistics for each seminar. (5 to 10 hours per seminar)


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