March 2020 Monthly Meeting


Date: March 6, 2020
Time: 8:00am – 12:00pm 
Location:  DoubleTree Hotel-Campbell Centre (8250 N Central Expy, Dallas, TX 75206)

No prerequisites required
4 Hours Continuing Professional Education

Topic 1: The Constant Client – Building Relationships You Can’t Afford to Lose

Executive Summary: When relationships are strong, internal clients rarely let any detail get in the way of becoming their trusted advisor. But when the relationship is weak, any detail or roadblock can (and will) get in the way.

Developing great internal client relationships doesn’t require magic, chemistry or luck… it requires knowledge, commitment and a process. Your team will learn proven ideas for developing trust and creating loyalty that lasts a lifetime!

Topic 2: Stop Pitching and Start Solving – Helping Internal Clients Discover What They Really Want

Executive Summary: Your internal audit team already has a number of “sales questions” they like to ask internal clients  during a meeting to sell your assurance or advisory services. Maybe you recognize a few of these:

  • ”How can we help you”
  • “When is a good time for us to come audit you?”
  • “Who is involved in the decision-making process?”
  • “What keeps you up at night?” (my all-time favorite – NOT!)

Your internal audit team may benefit by asking these types of questions that appear to be helpful, but your internal client gains little and they can see thru it! These meetings typically end with the client saying “Why don’t you send me some info, let me think about it, and then I can get back to you?”

Stop Pitching, Start Solving teaches you exactly what it takes to craft questions that ignite emotions, discover motivations and get internal clients to act.

Topic 3: Anatomy of a Lousy Pitch – A Fun Look at Some of Today’s Worst Presentation Habits and How to Avoid Them

Executive Summary: Whether you are speaking to an audience of one or one thousand, it’s crucial that you engage your listeners. As the presentation coach for some of today’s fastest growing companies, I know exactly what it takes to deliver messages that get results.

Throughout my career, I’ve observed lots of presentations… literally thousands of them. This program analyzes the worst (and most common) presentation habits and gives you specific ideas on how you can conquer them.


Tim Wackel is one of today’s most popular sales speakers because he makes information entertaining, memorable and easy to understand. He combines more than 25 years of successful sales leadership with specific client research to deliver high-impact programs that go beyond today’s best practices. Tim’s keynotes and workshops are insightful, engaging and focused on providing real world success strategies that audiences can (and will!) implement right away.

Today Tim is hired by clients who want their managers and salespeople to succeed in business and in life. His list of clients includes organizations like Allstate, Cisco, Dow Chemical, Toshiba, Philips Healthcare, Hewlett Packard, Wells Fargo as well as many professional and trade associations.

Tim is the founder and president of The Wackel Group, a training and consulting firm dedicated to helping organizations find, win and keep customers for life. He earned his Electrical Engineering degree from the University of Nebraska and lives in Dallas where he and his wife raised their two children and are now enjoying their empty nest.

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